I know it is coming…

Train is coming, Train is coming, Train is coming!!!

None, that got nothing to do with this entry!!!

Cold joke! @_@ sorry! 😛

We rarely need to sleep in an air-con room throughout the night. We only keep our air con on for a few hours and we will switch it off. Perhaps we live very high off the ground and we feel the air out there is just cool enough to keep our room in a desirable room temperature.

Having Yvette in a CC that is fully air-conditional is my last choice. I visited 7 CCs and this is the only CC with air-con. Virus and bacteria are so easily to spread thru air and keeping Yvette in school for more than 3 hours in a fully air-conditional premises, I am giving chance for virus and bacteria to attack her. And MOREOVER, there are two confirmed HFDM cases in school now and makes me really worry.

Being a parent, being social responsible is part of our philosophy. Ever since I sent Yvette to CC, I always check and look out signs – checking for Yvette’s wellness.

So when I went to fetch her in the afternoon, I feel there is heat around her body area as well as her forehead. Immediately I know something is not right.

Around 10 pm, before she slept, I use the thermometer to measure her temperature,  the reading is 37.1 degree. I quickly gave her a dose of paracetamol. I think her temperature is coming down but we are not sending her back to school tomorrow.

I want to keep her off from the virus in school now and most importantly, I didn’t want her to miss Zac’s birthday party celebration on this Saturday!


5 thoughts on “I know it is coming…

  1. hey shirley, guess wat, sean’s cc had 3 confirmed cases of HFMD (as of yesterday). Sean didn’t go to school today as he had a fever of 38.2 deg this morning. Brought him to the doc’s and checked, luckily no signs of HFMD so far. Sean was administered a suppository and his fever has dropped to 37.2 deg. now.

    Sigh. Like wat ur post title said, I guess this day (or rather such a phase) would come when they’re at CC. I juz hope their immunity will strengthen each time after they fall sick.

    Hope Yvette stays well through! U take care too!

    • Haiz, I seriously don’t like it at all. Yvette hardly fall sick and ever since she attend this school in less than a month, she was down 2x already.

      Luckily her temperature had came down, 36.8 degree. I see the benefit of breastfeeding ever especially she was sick. She really recover fast without a need to see doctor at time…

      I hope your son is as good and you as well.

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