Update About CC and Yvette’s Progression #1


It was a shock to receive a letter from School yesterday about there were two confirmed HFMD case in Yvette’s class. There is nothing much I can do with it seriously. The infected children had been isolated at home over the next 1 week since the breakout.

According to the school, the affected Classrooms have been sanitized and the school will continue to take precautionary measures to sanitize the ‘entire’ Preschool on a daily basis as well as perform daily temperature and HFMD checks three times daily. That is Yvette classroom you know!


On Yvette’s health

It’s part of the package, be it I like it or not. Yvette caught a flu bug from school 2 weeks back and I am very certain her running nose was cleared when I sent her back in school after keeping her 2 days at home.

Sadly due to air con environment and her immunity system is again being “put on test”. I have constantly clearing dried up mucus in her nose and cleaning her runny nose.

I hate this feeling.

In a few months later, there will be another CC around my house yet to be built, under the void deck. Thinking of changing.

On Adapting The Change



See two stickers on her water bottle!


As I mentioned in the same post above, she still struggling with anxiety. But these two days were really another break through. She received two stickers as reward for good progress – cry for 5-10 mins after I left. Sat thru all the lessons without crying. Enjoy the enrichment class. Eat the snack and as well as lunch all by herself without much coaxing from the teachers.

So far she only missed wee in school  once and she was able to communicate her needs to the teacher.

On Learning

Again, nothing much was recorded on the communication booklet for learning. But I did receive picture from school when Yvette was attending lesson. And I am really impress she could recognise all her classmates’ name by the end of 3rd weeks. (There are 19 students altogether in two classes.) (There are different tots appearing in pictures. She could point out their name to me. I know some of the classmate too because I am the one that usually send and fetch Yvette.)


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