Yvette: 2 yrs 5 mths (29 mths)

This Picture was taken yesterday evening at the playground.


This month passed too fast. Sending Yvette to CC has indeed giving me some break in between but I am still very busy. I am busy with getting all the homeschooling material ready and doing research on what to teach Yvette. I am surprise I didn’t do any post about Yvette’s development properly I am too occupied with CC’s issue.

So this post will be little bit lengthy, I supposed.

I think Yvette is really talking a lot when she is at ease. She loves to throw us many many questions and I think soon I need to buy 十万个为什么!

As we did not come to any agreement to put FIL in Day care yet, D has been busy making our house “old folk friendly”. (FIL barely can see now.) D fixed the non-slip floor mat on the floor and usually if I bring Yvette to common toilet, she will ask “what is that?” I will usually reply her, “That is for Yeye. Papa scare Yeye will fall down”. Yvette will then say, “Or Yvette will fall down!”

She like to copy us exactly in term of speech as well as action. We have a parrot at home now! Word to word, almost every single move too.

We are almost done with our first lesson plan at home and I found many, yes mini achievements for this month in term of learning:

  • Didn’t actually realise she know Days of the Week in Sequence until I realise she actually know the colour of the rainbow in Sequence too.
  • She really know many many words in English and I have yet identify them. But well, I guess I won’t do much of the effort doing so because I will find out more as we read on yeah.
  • I actually didn’t really go thru with her every book of 我会读 – Set 1 but then this is what I found out today. (Completed learning Colour and numbers):

水果:苹果,橙,梨,草莓,葡萄, 榴莲, 香蕉, 红毛丹

动作:吃,站,哭,笑 (no new words)

我的家庭:爸爸,妈妈,哥哥,姐姐, 弟弟,妹妹,爷爷,奶奶

我的身体:口, 头, 手, 耳


  • I have downloaded the  8 series of book and only selling at USD4.99 at Apps store. After reading (3 books) them for 1 months, daily, randomly, she finally recognise all the key words inside the book.

拍球(Book 1) : 明明, 丽丽,球, 大,小, 手,拍, 笑

看花(Book 2): 看, 花, 蝴蝶,美丽,什么,不是,(红,白)

爸妈(Book 3): 爸爸,妈妈 (Perhaps from 我会读) , 妹妹,我们,好,我,哥哥

  • She could draw a line using the ruler. (I never teach her, she saw me doing it and then she copy me.)

For collages6

  • She could recognise 1-100 now but not in sequence yet. (Only could recite 1-40 something.) It is all due to the The Snake and Ladder game that we are playing for 3 solid months and still counting….


  • She could dance quite well.  (This picture is badly taken. Poor lighting.)


  • She could sing well too.

On self care & practical life skill; She choose to feed herself more at home. But I still believe it is just a passing phrase and she still needs me to feed her. She is trying to bathe herself too. (So that she can play with the soap I guess.)

It has been for a period of time. She didn’t need to be nursed after she turned two before she sleeps at night. And now she also doesn’t need to be nursed during nap. She also doesn’t need us to pat at home till she dozed off. She will be able to doze off herself. She is still sleeping with us and I have no plan to move her out. In fact, we have converted her cot into bed and now in our room.

Officially, I would say she is 100% potty trained. I have no accident in the day, at night as well as missing her poo poo. (FYI: I used 1 year 4 mths to train her.) She is officially on panties. I know accident is inevitable. But I am really happy for her achievement in this development.

Some interesting quirks and behaviours changes (and habits) are:

  • She likes to smell her feet after taking off her shoes. Yeee… I hate this. I was suspecting she learnt it from CC (smelling feet) but then her main teacher confirmed was not.
  • She likes to bend down her body to walk like old woman. Very funny. But her movement is too quick and I am always too slow to pick up our camera to capture this.
  • She still couldn’t watch any educational programme be in on the TV or lappy for more than 15 mins although I am trying to introduce her.
  • She likes to remove her shoes when she is playing at the playground

We went Polyclinic for Hep.A on one of the weekend and found out she is already 90 cm but she is underweight!!! (11.4 kg) Having an elephant appetite doesn’t mean to keep her weight to chart. Oh well, I think she is just too active.


28 thoughts on “Yvette: 2 yrs 5 mths (29 mths)

  1. AArgh…. i need to call the polyclinic! I missed the jab, but everytime call, cannot get through.

    wah, she can do rainbow colours…. 😉

    • Have you transferred to another branch? I went interview this morning, if everything ok, I can start work on Tues morning. (Hopefully will be selected lah.. not easy to find part time job.) Everyday from 8.30 am to 12.30 noon.)

    • Wun Ning,

      Welcome to my site.

      As for the puzzle, I got it from Popular at Thomson Plaza (for more than half a year back.). I got it for around 24 bucks after 20% discount. I have yet seen the similar puzzle on the rack.

      This is really a good game to learn 1-100.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading your blog and you are a wonderful mummy 🙂 Yvette’s is a smart girl too 🙂 Hope I can learn more parenting tips from you.

    • Thanks for compliment and label Yvette as a smart child. I am sure you are a wonderful mummy too.

      I am sorry I can’t give you those password on those protected post. There are meant for mummies that I really know in person. (eg. I have met them and know them personally from their blog.)

  3. well done yvette ! I tink that she is coping well in cc. If only the school is not air con. Btw I understand tat there is a lot more teaching next year and the teacher will call the parents in if the child is not in pace w the rest of class mate. I guess tat won’t happen to yvette. C is oso like a parrot at hm, kept repeating wat we said. I tink the snakes n ladder game is good, can share where is it made. Will google n buy overseas,

    • I didn’t know we will be called in if the child couldn’t catch up.

      The snake and ladder is made in Malaysia. Hey, if you want to buy oversea, let me know k. Thanks

  4. Just dropping by to say Hi and watched the video of your little girl. She’s so adorable! Especially when she holds both hands to her face and cups her cheeks. So cute!

    Keep blogging!


  5. Hi Sunflower,

    ondering how much is the snake n ladder game puzzle? did you mena we can get it at popular bookstore at sembawang shopping mall?
    Hope to hear from you.

  6. Hi Sunflower,
    Thanks. yeah Popular only have 20% off, can only get the coupon this coming June/July. Sigh! Maybe Popular Malaysia can get cheaper. Btw, may i know is it a puzzle that we need to build first or just a plastic mat?
    I will try to source from overseas at a cheaper price.

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