New Inspiration Over Home Schooling

Over the last 4 months, Yvette brain power increases. Her ability to take in new knowledge thru play, books, computer and iPod Touch impress us. I simply love her initiative to pick up toys to play to learn, books to read and of course, her love in using iPod Touch to learn (The school of  tomorrow – iApps).

Yvette is really a smart girl in my eye. (She picks up things really fast. An example – In less than a week, she manage to pick up the colour of rainbow in sequence. She learnt it by herself thru the song I downloaded for her in iPod Touch. She already knows Days of the Week in sequence under the influence of the lapbooking class I sent her three months ago. She is learning the months now thru puzzle. She is breaking down word like Flamin-go.) Alas she didn’t have a very clever mother. I don’t speak and write Good English. I didn’t have much General Knowledge. I don’t have any music background. I don’t do well in Maths and Science too. My Chinese is only the only subject that is do-able, and then sadly I am not really teaching her much.

Such as such, I am more determine to help her as much as I could. That why I am a firm believer in doing Home Schooling. I didn’t want to rely on school to teach her especially during her early childhood where I can still do most of the teaching. I am aiming high when I teach her. I want her to excel, do better than us. I hope she will able to progress on with whatever she has learnt and move on steadily. Of course, I hope to do more teaching when she is older but then I know I am PLC. (Private Limited Company!)

Over the last four months, I been thinking and reading what to teach Yvette.

Yvette already know all her ABC in sequence and the sound. I found out she really could recognise a lot of word thru reading, doing Starfall and iPod Touch. (I use a mixture of Phonic (via Starfall only) and Whole Language Method to teach her to read. I still refer Whole Language. It is easier for me to teach.)

She already know A for Apple, Apricot, Alligator, Aeroplane,  Ape, Ant, Awesome, Astronaut… B for Bear, Bee, Butterfly,Ball, Baby, Bed, Bell, Boy, Brown, Blue, Broccoli, Bacon… C for Cat, Candle, Careful, Cup, Clock, Cap,  Cake, Corn, Car, Celery, Circle… D for Deer, Dinosaur, Dog, Doll, Door, Donkey, Dolphin, Duck, Dancing, Dress…The lists go on… She knows them so well, she could easily tell you a few off her head. So there is no point in teaching her ABC anymore. But I am still keen in doing craft related to letters.

There is no point teaching her number in term in reciting them. (She could recite them up to 40 something now). She already knows from 1 to 100 (the number; not the exactly the sequence yet) via Snake and Ladder game we play everyday. I am more keen in teaching her real maths and identifying them in word.

There is no point in teaching her shape & Colour. She knows shapes like cylinder, cube, sphere… She knows colour like Cyan, Indigo, Violet, Magenta…

I want to focus on Pre-writing (which I think she is ready now), Reading, General knowledge, Maths, Science and even Geography. Practical life as well. Learning thru toys is still my want in keeping her learning interesting.

I am glad to find out these two mothers (here & here) are strong believer of teaching their children using Thematic approach. This mother write up a very good article on this topic.

And yes, I send Yvette to learn lapbooking from this mother and I have benefit much from it. However, due to the timing that usually crash with Yvette’s nap time, I didn’t continue after we completed one term with her.

I also inspire by this mother who is a very strong believer in Montessori. I love Montessori but then there is no good school in TPY.

With that, I come out with a new plan for Yvette and we have been working hard for 3 weeks. Going forward, I plan to keep each lesson for 2 weeks. I will be doing two lapbooks with Yvette couple with doing worksheet, colouring, pasting and even drawing. (I can’t draw well but D could.) I will include practical life as well as learning with Yvette thru toys. Reading is something that will never out of my list and I hope to do more Chinese learning with Yvette too (mainly thru reading).

I hope Yvette could benefit from this plan which I really see result. Yeah she learn how to differentiate Flamingo and Ostrich.

Stay tuned for our new lesson plan which I target to roll out next week!

2 thoughts on “New Inspiration Over Home Schooling

  1. Yvette is learning very well.. Well done mummy 🙂

    I have another fren SAHM oso dedicated her time to teach her ger (only child) and the ger is learning so much more from home rather then school…

    • Thank you my bff!!

      I really hope to instill right attitude toward learning to Yvette thru my coaching. I know I can’t teach her much in later part of her learning when she is older. Hopefully she will have the positive mind to move on!

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