I Know My House Looks Like Kindergarten, I Suppose

These toys are pain of D’s neck when he mop the house. (Yeah, he does all the mopping at home.) He will need to remove everything from this corner to another as he mops. We didn’t add any new toys into these box of toys, but they are just too bulky to be put into any of our existing shelves we have at home.


We been looking for a shelf that can hold all these bulky toys because Yvette refuse us to put them into our storeroom. Whenever she couldn’t find those toys there, especially the pushing walker and the wooden rocking snail, she will know it must be inside the storeroom and will push us to get that for her. From time to time, we have kept them in and Yvette never fails to make us took that out for her.

As such, we been constantly looking out for a shelf with big depth so that we can put all these bulky items in. On Children Day, I brought Yvette to IKEA and I saw this.



The shelf in IKEA


I know it will be perfectly fit into our need and on the next day, we were back with D to IKEA again.

Finally the shelf is here today and here our living hall look like now.



On receiving the shelf, I realised the drawer unit I brought doesn’t come with the holder (I don’t know what is that call.) that hold the drawer. I will need to go back to IKEA to pick up again. But then looking at the current toys we have now, I doubt I need that. I will need to bring it back to exchange for a set of shelving unit. Will discuss with D again.


On side note, this is the fifth time I rearrange the furniture in the house. (Read the past entries here.)


4 thoughts on “I Know My House Looks Like Kindergarten, I Suppose

  1. Trust good old Ikea to have all the storage stuff for kids! Glad to know Yvette didn’t have HFMD, and that she’s adjusted to school… 🙂

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