Is This HFMD?

While clearing those dry up mucus from Yvette’s nose, Yvette shouted out: “Ouch painful!”

Not a single open wound on that area, I started to examine.

And I saw this! I got a shock of my life!!!


Is this HFMD? The first thing that come into my mind.

I started to examine Yvette all over her body to look for more symptoms (listed here).

  • Fever –  No fever
  • Sore throat – I used a torch light and asked Yvette open her mouth
  • Ulcers in the throat, mouth and tongue – Only one ulcer on her upper lip.
  • Headache – Totally no sign of this.
  • A rash with vesicles (small blisters, 3-7 mm) on hands, feet and diaper area. The vesicles are typically on the palm side of the hands the sole side of the feet and very characteristic in appearance. – Again no single spot on her hand, foot or even backside.
  • Loss of appetite – Arrr… She got super good appetite because she is so happy to be at home.

With all my findings, I called D. (I also quickly login to the internet to check for more information about HFMD.)

I told him over the phone beside the only ulcers I found, there is NOT a single sign to confirm Yvette is suffering from HFMD!

He reminded me on last Sunday Yvette had a nasty fall and he did see a red mark on her upper lip. Having a very high threshold for pain, Yvette didn’t even complain and she only cried for less than 2 minutes after the fall.

D further pointed out to me, perhaps the fall (she fell flat onto her face from the stairs of the playground. There was some fall marks on her head and her nose which are now not obvious any more.) could have result a cut on upper lip by the teeth.



*Above pictures show the mark from the fall which is not obvious now.*

I guess this is the only reason for the ulcer we could have concluded on. But I wasn’t too comfortable. Could Yvette’s case an isolated case?

For collages6

So today, I decided to keep Yvette home again and brought her to the doctor this morning. After talking to the doctor and having her examined by her doctor, it was confirmed by her doctor, it is not HFMD.

What a relief!

And most importantly, the ulcer is healing and I could see the “a piece of white tissue” growing on her lip.


Doctor Teo gave us Oracort E – for relief and to aid healing of oral ulcers and a letter to certify Yvette is fit for school.



I am glad D is always supportive over my decision on keeping Yvette home and bringing her to the doctor to have a peace of my mind. WE feel we always need to keep her safe and by doing that, we ensure the welfare of other children too.

Most likely I will bring Yvette to school and let her main teacher know about it.


11 thoughts on “Is This HFMD?

  1. Hey babe,

    Nowadays HFMD will also spread to other places of the b ody.
    My son contacted HFMD last mth, it was on his buttocks hving the red spots. So be careful yar ~


    • Yeah I check backside too! In fact, I pulled off her clothing to check again and again yesterday. Even today at clinic we checked again and again. I will continue to check.


      Worry worry. But at least now the ulcer is healing!

  2. Aiyoh, one look and i can tell that it’s just an ulcer and not HFMD. Wah, I think can consult me next time. haha – only no meds or MC to give you. hahaha!

  3. ger remb i told u my girl has ulcer on lips and wasnt allowed to enter school and I have to get a doctor’s memo proving she is fit for school.

    Not pleased with this arrangement, I called the school to voice out my unhappiness.. You can’t simply stop a child from going to school just because u saw an ulcer! How are you going to determine its an ulcer due to HFMD or an ulcer due to fall or heatiness.. And we have to pay extra just to prove we are fit? And we have to waste a day’s school because of this… Angry..

    On on hand I understand that the school is trying to minimise HFMD cases but sending kids home just because u saw an ulcer dont seem to be the solution for parents.. We have to waste a day’s school fees and unnecessary monies seeing a doctor…


    • Stella,

      Sian also bo bian ma… cos School very scare got HFMD!!! Yeah.. even though we are quite sure it is not HFMD, we just want the doctor certify and get a letter from him. It doesn’t come cheap. I pay S$38 bucks for it!!!

  4. Thanks Mummies for all your concern and kind blessing for Yvette. Yeah, thanks god she is fine!

    P/S: Sam I always feel it a waste for you to be just a biz woman. You should be a lawyer, doctor or even gynae!!!

    Don’t ask why, this is my thought!!! hehehe

  5. I also wish I could’ve been a lawyer or doctor, lah – but I didn’t do well enough in school to be. haha! I applied to law school 1st choice, ok!

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