The 15 Days Effect of CC on Yvette & Us

Today marks the 15 days of Yvette attending CC but she was at home with me in the morning. She caught a flu bug which I believe she got it from school.  (I have noticed there are many tots who are still coughing and they are back school. I have also notice one of Yvette’s classmate’s relative is working in the school and feeding her classmate medication during the break time.)


I would say CC unlike enrichment schools or maybe some kindergartens, most kids in CC will be only absent 1 to 2 days from school and will back on the second or third day due to lack of care giver at home. This is totally understandable because in Singapore, most parents work. Since I am not working, I have decided to keep Yvette home so that she could rest and get one-to-one care from me. Hopefully she could recover fast and can go back to school tomorrow.

Yesterday marked the 14 Days of Yvette attending CC on her own. I would say I can be proud of her although the start up was HORRIBLE.

She was crying throughout from Day 1 to Day 4. On Day 5 & 6, she only whined. On Day 7 she goes on and off. (Cried then stop the whined.) On Day 8, which a miracle, she stopped all the crying activity, she only cried during my departure and then enjoyed herself.

This is a BIG surprise to us.

So she been well from Day 8 to Day Day 11. Then on Day 12, she was crying throughout again. That was because I misread the email about Parents can be there on Children Day Celebration. I can’t be there. This made Yvette really upset. I learnt I need to be CAREFUL and I need to be consistent on keeping my PROMISE to her. If not, TRUST can’t be built!

Anyway, on Day 13, she did cry but she still cope well. I believe it must be the long weekend and the “promise” I didn’t fulfil on the Children Day. On Day 14, she still cried during my departure but then she settled well there after. She still display anxiety but I guess & I hope soon or later she will be fine.

On sending Yvette to CC, we have learnt:-

To say Goodbye.

This is very very important. On Day 1, I sneaked out, I feel soooooo guilty. On Day 2, I said Goodbye to her, she cried but then I feel sooooo much better. Every time I go off, I will say goodbye. She cry, but then I think she knows I will be back and always be back for her.

To Keep up my Promise.

I feel soooo guilty I misread the email from school and got her so upset. She was crying throughout and I can totally understand why. I have learnt it a effort we parents need to upkeep ALL.THE.TIME!

To Give our tot time to adjust.

I told D that Yvette will properly need to cry for a month then she will stop and finally accept this new school, routine. But then at Day 8, she gave us a big surprise which we think this is already a bonus to us.

So as a parents, we learnt we should give our tot time to adjust and don’t expect them to adapt fast. I know this is going to be torturing but then once you have made up the mind to send your child away, this will be part of the package,  to manage anxiety.

Read out for positive and negative  signs coming from your child to judge how well they cope especially they can’t verbalise their needs well.

There is no perfect school, no perfect teachers.

The breastfeeding issue caught me off guard. I never expect an Admin Assistant, teachers to come to me putting the blame of anything on breastfeeding, eg. she is sticky, she cries, she doesn’t eat, etc.

There is one teacher in Yvette’s class, I don’t really like. It not like she is ill-treating our child or raising her voice. It’s just her style I don’t like.

No hard and fuss rule, as long as there is no physical damage or emotional damage are created, we are fine. We can close one eye…

And now here are the changes on our little girl over the new routine and her new life after spending 14 days in CC:-

The Positive Changes

She is taking off her clothes, and her pants when she goes toilet with me by herself. I am not too sure this is 100% CC effect on her because she was already doing it but then not often.

Her pincer grip. Look at this picture. I simply love the way she is holding her spoon now. In fact, I been notice she could hold on something quite well using her pincer grip after she turned 2. That’s the reason I started to coach her on writing now.


And her ability to self-feed herself improves too. She was already feeding herself at Day 6 at CC according to her teachers.

Her consumption on Sweets and Chocolate is getting so much lesser. And intake of water increases.

Her sleeping routine is so much well adjusted. She will sleep by latest 10.30 pm every night and will wake up by 7.30 to 8 am in the morning. (Her school starts at 9 am.)  She will nap by 2-3 pm in the afternoon and up by 4-5 pm in late afternoon depending how tried she is.

Her tantrum is also getting lesser. A much more behave tot in our eye.

Her learning. Seriously I not too sure what she is learning in school although I have the time table. Not much is recorded on the Connection Booklet too. But then on the Day 9, she came home singing all by herself with incomplete lyrics – 两只老虎。Although this is a song many parents will go auto pilot to sing to the child but sadly we didn’t. I was really surprised she started to pick up more rhymes without me and on Day 10, she sang the whole song to us. I am very sure she is learning something without me at school now. Waiting to discover more on what she is learning.

The Negative Change

She is very very clingy ever since she started this new routine. She wants to be with me all the time. That makes me very very busy. I can’t be elsewhere in the house. She will always shout out to me and check out where am I. At night she will want me to hug her a several time before she sleeps.

She doesn’t like to eat in school. This is not the right attitude. I see eating together in school with her peers is part of her learning progress. I have spoken to her and encouraged her to do so. I hope she will change.

And that is the only negative change in our eye and so far, she didn’t pick up bad habit or wrong choice of words in school.

In long term, we really hope she can be more happier without me and enjoy her stay there.


7 thoughts on “The 15 Days Effect of CC on Yvette & Us

    • Yeah, I know but I keep forgetting picking up those chopstick with rings (which you also blog about it) for Yvette. Will try to get one soon for her to practice her little muscle in that part of the hand!

  1. Hi, thank you for sharing. 🙂 I believe your experience will come in useful when I need to send my little girl to school. We are starting at JG soon too 🙂 Maybe at 2-3, I will consider pre-school too. Thanks once again for sharing. And I love reading your info on Julia Gabriel, it helped convince my husband to fund it!

    • Wow, I am excited your girl is going to JGC. Thanks for telling me my post on JGC is useful.

      Oh yes, remember to start to put your child name at waiting list now… it will come in hand when you need to put her in school when she is 2-3.

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