Having Gathering with my Two Pregnant Pals Again

Woot! It is coming to end of 2nd Trimester and babies can be out in another 10 weeks to 14 weeks. Both of them are at 28 weeks now. (E at 28 and B at 27 weeks, their EDD is a week apart.)

They both look big seriously. This is E’s third pregnancy and she was now already very very heavily pregnant. We joke that E’s tummy is 2x as big as B and here the evidence!!!

My Everyday life

But B’s tummy is not small for first pregnancy. I remembered my tummy was hardly visible at 28 weeks when I was having Yvette. To me she was already very big!

It nice to meet them again and hopefully we could make it another round before both of them POP!

Seriously can’t wait to have some baby smell again.

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