Books Yvette Read in September 2010

I finally got the Far Far Away from the motherhood spree I joined months back. There is at least 3-4 copies of Carrot Soup in TPY library where I get to return and pick up again from the library and bring the same book home after the loan is due.

And not forgetting The Very Hungry Caterpillar that Yvette will revisit from time to time. All these books are on the shelf within her reach and she will want us or she will pick up those book herself to read. From being able to memorise the whole book till recognition of those words print on the book, she had make her way into a reader.

Out of the 6 books I borrowed, she fall for these 3 books.

I went Walking by Sue Machine & Julie Vivas


A boy takes a walk and encounters a variety of animals: “I went walking / What did I see? / I saw a black cat / Looking at me.” The cat follows him, as do all of the other animals he meets: a brown horse, a red cow, a green duck, a pink pig and a yellow dog. Finally the child is leading a veritable parade of animals.

A fairly easy to read book. A book close to Yvette’s interest. She could recognised almost all the words inside the book.

Meeow and the pots and pans by Sebastien Braun


Meeow is a kitchen kitty cat. She’s all dressed up in her yellow apron and is sporting a red scarf. It’s cooking time and all her friends have come over to play and help her out. Wolf, Moo, Baa and Quack are raring to go and, of course, have their dandy aprons on too.

Instead of using Cat, Dog, cow, sheep & duck, the author use illustration to choose the tots the sound make by those animals. Yvette will usually chuckle as I read this book aloud to her.

I love My Mama by Peter Kavanagh & Jane Chapman


It’s such a sweet story about the fun a mother and child have together, and the special bond the two share.

Yvette sometimes will just come forward to hug me and kiss me as I read this book to her. It’s a good book to reflect on the blessing of families.


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