An Meaningful Event NOT to Miss – Make it a Happee Day for Children with Cancer


Hello World!

Me as a parent, I always want my child to be happy and healthy. But I know some are not as fortunate as Yvette. It is getting more and more common learning young tots at my child’s age are fighting with cancer. At this tender age, they need more tender loving care not only from their parents also from us public! I am glad I can even be a part of it.

“Happee Day”, is a mini-carnival held on the 31 Oct at the Hort Park organised for children with cancer.  This event is organised by Mummy Daphne together with her husband working with Children’s Cancer Foundation are putting in extra mile to give these little tots another reason to smile!

And how we could help by:

  • Spread the world (by blogging, Thru Facebook, Twitter)
  • Be There
  • Donate

My family will be there, hope to see everyone there!

Read more  –>
or you can write in –> daphne [at] motherinc [dot] org


4 thoughts on “An Meaningful Event NOT to Miss – Make it a Happee Day for Children with Cancer

  1. Hi Sunflower,
    have been reading your blog for the longest time. I’m sooo impressed with your determination and patience to coach Yvette and make all the homeschooling materials for her. You inspired me!! But then again I dont have so much time with my son as I am work full-time.=(
    This time I really need to ask you. How did you manage to buy the toys from amazon? I entered my shipping address but it keeps saying the toys cannot be shipped to my address. Do you know why?

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