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I came to know about this toy store thru Sam. So before I went down to the store, I sent Sam a sms asking her what she need from the store, and gotten myself a free ride there!

Thank You!

Kai Kai was around with us. I wonder does he still remember Yvette. It is definitely easier to look for toys without Yvette for me. But definitely no problem for Sam. Kai Kai is such a well behave boy!!!


Too much movement! But he hit the drum like PRO!

I browsed thru their website but there is not pricing there. So when I thought it will be easier to look for toys in their store…. Oh my!!! This is what we saw.


A small store with too many toys. It took us a while to figure out and to find what to buy seriously.

Their payment method is unusual. Of course they accept CASH, Cheque but no NET and VISA. BUT they allow us to use NET to top up their cash card as one method of payment but the top up value of the cash card is 500 bucks.

Anyway, I got these for Yvette.


This is S$23.90


This is S$48

And these set (5 of them) construction toys for S$30.


One of them is defect?



One of them is missing?

Yes they missed out packing one of them for me. This is the last piece! I have to bring down on Friday (an open date was given by them but then Friday Yvette got no school!) I am sure Yvette will like to visit the price.

While I make space for these toys I found gems!!!


They have a toy that consist of 250 pieces of shape pattern but selling at S$85.

P/S: This is not a review for their toys and some their toys are expensive.


10 thoughts on “KYDZedu

  1. u know the melissa & doug pattern blocks? After I did a search online, I found so many templates. The ones on PreKinders is simpler than the ones that come with the M&D puzzle box. And I found how useful the M&D type of pattern puzzle blocks are – can teach geometry & tessallations! So much so that I covered “Trapezoid” with Jacob today. haha. Siao right?

    the fraction blocks were a hit. I should print out the pizza for him to compare. But at the moment, the fraction block pieces fit exactly the one in his book (which also shows the pizza being cut into fractions).

    • Thanks jojo.

      Sooooooo much cheaper!!!!

      *heart pain*

      Anyway, thanks for dropping me your first comment. I like the icon assigned to you and hope to see you here again . Thanks for telling me this great site. Now I got another more site to review before I make my purchases.

      P/S: Do I know you personally? Are you from Ido baby forum?

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