Week in Review ~ 19th – 25th Sept 2010

It was a horrible week seriously!

About myself

I went thru a week of emotional downturn since her admission into CC on last Wednesday. I was very sad (and cried) on last Wednesday as another teacher came to me whether I was still breastfeeding my child and this time really nail into me.

I feel this is so personal and it is so negative to talk this issue to me now. Finally I couldn’t take it and bring up to the main teacher. I am glad Yvette’s main teacher is someone who is compassionate enough to put herself into my shoes and understand how I feel as a mum.

And ever since Yvette attended her half a day at CC, I started to apply part time job. And finally there is someone responded to my application and offered me on the spot on Friday but eventually we didn’t manage to work out the timing. So the offer was gone.

On Friday my health was down due to food poisoning and it lead on to fever and then headache. IT suck to fall sick for the past 2 days and I miss the full month celebration of Baby Rainne’s full month celebration.

(I feel so bad to miss it, so sorry!)

About Yvette

She was crying throughout Day 4 & Day 5 (Mon to Tues) and refuse taking lunch too. But on Day 6 (Wed), her cry became whine. She just kept asking for Mama but with no tears. On Day 7 (Thurs), her whining go on and off. She could sat thru 2 lessons without whining. On Day 8 (Fri), she only cried during my departure and then during the English lesson but she stopped totally during the Chinese lesson and was playing happily all herself when I came to fetch her. This was really a BIG surprise to me and even to all the teachers. Its really heart wrenching to see my own child crying for me but I know she is in good hands under the care of the teacher. And I also know it going to be tough again on Monday again but I hope she could adjust her own emotion soon!

About my Father-in-law (FIL)

Ever since the last admission to the hospital, my FIL’s eye sight has really deteriorated a lot. On Tuesday, he started asking me to give him pain killer for his eye pain then I gave him Anarex.  This last us for 3 days. It is very stressful to be honest. Whenever I opened my mouth to ask my FIL whether he want food, (yes he had not been eating for the past 3 days,) he will only want to have pain killer. I am so worry about his health. He even knocked at our door in the middle of the night to ask for pain killer, he broke a glass in the very early (5.30 am) morning, he knocked himself into the wall as he walked… All these made us decided by hook or by crook, we have to bring him to the hospital.

We are not surprised he always changed his mind after he agreed to see doctor with D. We went out during early noon and rushed back to bring him to the hospital, after he changed he complained he is going to faint and changed his mind that he didn’t want to go hospital anymore.

HAIZ, this is not the first time. He had missed a few appointments recently.

This time, D called for ambulance and sent him in. And luckily we did. His eye was badly infected and need a immediate operation to remove his eye ball. And according to the doctor, if we were to LATE sending him in by TWO DAYS later, this will be going to affect his brain and it will become LIFE threatening!!!


It never easy to live with old folks seriously after my dad and my FIL, I think I have learnt not to be sooooooooooooooo STUBORN when I grow old. I didn’t want Yvette to worry for me all the time. I am going to be watch my health closely.

Currently my FIL is still in the hospital and we didn’t know when he is going to discharge. Left with only eye, and this eye is barely function well, the family is thinking what will be the best for him after he discharge.

About D

He is very busy. He worked on last Sunday and will be working tomorrow. Everything seems to be fine in a way to him but I know he is feeling very stressful.

A restructuring exercise is going on in his company and he is affected. Of course we pray for the best but then we got to prepare for the worst. (That’s one of the reason we are sending Yvette in the CC now. In any case I need to go back to work, it will be easier.)

Stress level went up when my FIL kept asking for pain killer and not eating for days, made him very very worry. Finally he had admitted my FIL to make his stress level going down on Friday but a call was received in the middle of the night about the operation.

He was not able to go down to the hospital because he need to attend a important event with my nephew. Luckily he has more than one slibing to share his woes and my elder BIL was in the hospital early in the morning to make the final decision with my FIL of the operation.

Life is never a bed of roses. We learnt, we survived and we moved on. I hope next week will be better!


10 thoughts on “Week in Review ~ 19th – 25th Sept 2010

  1. Sorry to hear about the challenges that you are experience *hugs* Stay strong and positive. I can totally understand how heartbreaking it is to experience these things.

    Try talking to Yvette, assure her that she can be a big girl and show you how brave she can be. Give her more time, separation anxiety will take a little more time.

    Do you have a faith that you can cling on to? That will really help when you go through difficult times in your life. I have weathered thru many difficult times in my life and I know I will not have survived without God’s help.

    • Thanks Rachel for your guidance and your hug.

      I am surprise Yvette adapt well today. She only cried during my departure and settle nicely in.

      No, I am a free thinker and hopefully one day I will have faith that I can cling onto!

  2. I’m sorry to read about your difficult week… It must have been tough on you emotionally and mentally. I can imagine the worry and stress I’d feel if my own parents or in-laws is not in good health.

    As for Yvette, it’s never easy to see your child going thru separation anxiety. I can understand those feelings. But take heart that it will be a passing phase. Don’t give up and soon you’ll see her going to the cc happily once she’s adjusted to the routine.

    Take care. *big hugz*

  3. I hope everything is looking better this week. It’s really tough to have to deal with both the young and old at the same time. Wishing you and your family all the best!

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