Moo Moo Kow™ Wet Bag

Since I removed Yvette from disposable when Yvette was 20mths, I need to bring plenty of plastic bags. This is to to bring soiled / dirty items home when I changed her out.  Although it is not too difficult to find plastic bag while we are out if we have forgotten to bring extra, but I really find we are producing waste by using plastic bag all time. (Usually I reuse the plastic bag as trash bag when I removed Yvette’s soiled/dirty items.)

So I been looking out to find a suitable wet bag. I been reading Mummy’s Reviews™ even since I stumped upon her blog via this entry. Since then I know about this brand.

We were at Tangs today after Yvette’s class and I spotted this familiar brand immediately. I picked up the cotton diaper and have a feel of it. This diaper is really different from Bumwear. The material is definitely lighter and it is flexible. It can be used from cloth diaper to training pant. I like the colour too.


So I look around and see what other product in store and i spotted this – Moo Moo Kow™ Wet Bag. I remembered MieVee recommended a wet bag to me. I accepted the concept and think I should give it a try although it is not the same brand she recommended. This is a multi purpose bag too and it got a handle attach to the bag (where the wet bag recommended by MieVee doesn’t have it.)



P/S: This is not an review. It is a product I think it worth getting it (especially it is selling at 20% off at Tangs now) although I have not used it.


10 thoughts on “Moo Moo Kow™ Wet Bag

    • It is selling at $19.50 before discount. That size in the picture is not the true size of the bag. It is been fold into two and it about 3/4 of the A3 size paper. So far I only find one size and I believe this is the only size for now.

  1. wow. that is so expensive! The ones I am using now are bought from popular bookstore. Quite water proof with zip too and costs me about $3-4. Many sizes to choose from too! But I think they are actually for putting papers… but I used them for putting clothes too 🙂

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