Sparkler Out Mid-Autumn Festival 2010

She was asked to dress in traditional clothing today by her school. They have a mini-celebration in school today but then as Yvette is still in the stage of adapting, I doubt she enjoy herself much.


At night, since her Yiyi had gotten her this lantern long ago, we decided to bring her down for a walk.


Her attention upon reaching Sensory Park was immediately captured by a group of people playing candles in the park. She stood there for about 5 mins before she moved to second group of people.



These group of tots were trying to burn the leave but they never succeed in doing so. I didn’t pull her away. I let her see what they are doing and talked to her about their “bad” behaviour. And coincidently, the slide was burnt with a hole. I used this to further educated her the harm on playing with fire.


Soon we moved her to another side of the playground. The playground was so wet to play because it’s raining two hours back. But this didn’t seem to affect Yvette’s mood.

I am glad we moved over, we got to know a family living at the same block as us with a girl at Yvette’s age. It’s nice to know the father of this family was once the same school as D but he was so much younger than D.

The family was playing with sparkler and Yvette was mesmerised for a while! The father of the family also gave us some to play. Yvette had fun! This is her first experience playing with sparkler.

Mid-Autumn Festival  22.09

I bet no one will disagree with me, the design of the lantern, the function for lantern had became more fanciful.

This little one came forward with a lantern that can produce bubble. Quick enough, Yvette abandon her new love and flew toward the bubbles!!! She was happily stepping the bubbles and refuse to go home!


Step! Step! Step the bubbles!

Still, we managed coax her with some effort.

Back home, I asked D to cut the Pomelo for Yvette to try. We also teach her the  pronunciation of the fruit too. She was happily repeating after me but she didn’t like the taste of the fruit.



Papa, I don't like!

And lastly, here the full moon we saw which my sister failed to find at Yishun.


Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Star! Yvette was chanting this when she saw the moon. She could relate this to the book-Goodnight Moon.

6 thoughts on “Sparkler Out Mid-Autumn Festival 2010

  1. got full moon here at AMK! haha!

    Jacob LOVES pomelo. I buy quite regularly bc he’d eat big pieces at a time. Last nite, he played sparkler too. And yeah, I saw the bubble-making lantern at our place too.

  2. Wow sparkle are beautiful. C only dare to see it from a corner. It is interesting to know that you can teach yvette so many lessons from just 1 mid autumn festival.

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