A New Chapter of Yvette @ 28 mths: ChildCare Day 4 – Preparation, On Her Own & More

More Preparation

There are more preparation work to do for the day without me. Since Yvette requested for Milk, I went to NTUC and found this smallest packet (200ml) of UHT (means heat treated and sterilised) milk in the supermarket. It was chocolate  Flavoured.


I also prepared additional bottle for the milk, just in case Yvette wants to drink using bottle. I have also prepared a lunch box for Yvette because some breakfast provided by the school, Yvette will not want to eat, I will have t0 prepare some food for her to bring to school.


I packed some other essential in her bag for her to bring to school and write a note for the teacher on what I have prepared for Yvette too.

In her school bag, there will be 1 set of uniform with additional pant. 1 PE attire. 4 training pants which she wear as panties now. 2 pcs of diapers. 1 face towel and 1 handkerchief & the cream for her rash.


Day 4 – On Her Own

Not a single toddler lead the same lifestyle.

Yvette’s situation is unlike most of the kids where they only face their parents, or multiple caregiver at home.

Yvette is with me not only 24/7, co-sleep with me, bath with me (to save time) and sometimes even fall asleep in my arms even on the bed. She also attended 1.5 years of (many) classes with me before we decided to send her to preschool and let her be on her own – prepare her for N1 (the year she turns 3).

She is very used to having me with her in class and enjoy every joy and sadness with her in class. Imagine after so many classes and now she need to be on her own? So this adjustment is really hard for her to adjust and we fully understand.

Since I came to know there will be some food serve in the breakfast that Yvette will not like to eat. I decided to let Yvette eat at home for the first time. (She was left hungry since morning during Day 3 before lunch.)

So I make the effort to wake up early at 7.30 am to cook egg noodle for her with her favourite food but since Yvette has very very small appetite for breakfast, she only ate 1.5 of the portion which I have prepared. (Better than nothing.)


Then we left home at 8.30 am to her CC. I am glad D was with me. (He worked yesterday and  was off today.) We handed Yvette to Teachers and we left without peeping her from the door. (There is no way for us to peep into the room in this school too.)

I am glad D was there to share my heavy heart and it really aching to hear our precious cry. I seriously don’t wish Yvette being ‘habituated’ into this situation. I hope her could adjust herself. But I seriously don’t know when this will happen.

We had breakfast together for the first time without Yvette. We talked, we shared the situation but then it seem like we are walking into a dark tunnel waiting to see light at the end of it. 😦

Time didn’t pass slowly on the first day without Yvette with me because D was around. We went to shop for grocery (again without Yvette) and then I went back home to cook lunch. I even have the time to prepare dumpling noodle for lunch.

Soon, time up for me to fetch Yvette and went off again with an heavy heart. I am very sure she will be crying.

Before I stepped into the care centre, a Admin staff (which they will help out the playgroup during bath time) came straight to my face telling me I should have wean Yvette before sending her to cc because there was once a case similar to Yvette’s situation was withdraw after 3 months.

It seemed this school is not pro over breastfeeding just like some people thinks that bf shouldn’t continue after 6 months.

Actually I am already in the process in weaning but I am not going to try the crying out way because it really pains me. And I should also tell her I know what I am doing and there are some tots I know who are still being breastfed and settle happily in CC.

Things just don’t happen overnight and I am not going to rush to wean Yvette off just because of this!

When the moment I stepped into the care centre and saw Yvette coming out from her classroom with Teacher N, she ran toward me. She hugged me immediately, putting her face onto mine and kiss me. I am so lucky to have her as my child. And of course, she stop crying immediately too. Very much to her usual self.

Teacher N told me she cried throughout and never stop asking for me. I asked her how the teachers pacified Yvette. She told me, they carried her, give her toys, food, even the milk but all she didn’t want.



IS she protesting or she really didn’t want to be in THIS school. I know some tots are too use to the environment in JGC, once they are being removed from JGC and put into another school, they will cry non-stop and only stop crying when they are put back to JGC. I have gave up the space in Chiltern House, there is no way I can get it back? But then besides those positive signs I listed here, there are more signs I take it a positive too. (In fact, there are some good behaviour changes on Yvette which I will blog about it much later)

  • I don’t have hard time waking her up in the morning. So far only need 5 mins. And had never resist on getting dress to go school
  • When she was asked whether she like school, she said yes.
  • She doesn’t have nightmare due to school.
  • She is like usual again, laughing and playing, eating and learning at home. The unhappiness in the morning doesn’t seem to affect her at all.

But she just seem to be feeling very insecure without me there. Letting her cry seem to be part of the journey to independence? Any tips to ease child into childcare? Actually Yvette is only there for 3 hours. It seem like she is going to preschool rather than CC.‏ (Usually she will be back home by 12.30 noon.)

MORE About the CC

Water Intake

I didn’t know a 2-3 yo tot need 2L of water till I read this post in this forum.

I doubt Yvette drinks so much water each day before she attends CC. And I glad to observed that this CC encourage drinking water. They give water on all occasions. Eg. Breakfast, snack, Lunch. Even when they need to wait  for their turn.

Last Friday, I was around with Yvette waiting for her turn for the pastry making, all the tots were made to sit at the table, waiting quietly, given with their water and the teacher engaged talk with them instead of given with toys for them to play.

The Food

The food is taken care by their cook house outside this CC. The food will be sent to the CC before the lunch. But for snack, it will be prepared by the helper in CC.

I was offered to bring back some lunch for Yvette in Day 3 where she didn’t eat any lunch on that day. I rejected the offer since I have already cooked at home.

On Managing tots’ conflict

Last Thursday I saw two little tots “quarrelled” in class over toys, the teacher will not immediately interfere when the tots are having argument. They will observe and let the tots to solve their problem. I like this managing style.

On Handing The Child’s Cleanliness, Pee & Poo

The teachers together with the helper will bathe the child. The teacher will use the hair dryer to dry up the children hair before they nap. As Yvette is already potty-trained, I am quite concern will they wash Yvette’s backside when she poo. The assistant teacher confirmed my concern on this area.

Other Tots’ Behaviour

From the past 3 days when I was in the school, I could see the tots in the cc were well-behaved and happy. There is one little girl who will forever put up her MegaWati smile and there is a little boy who always like to disturb Yvette.  I think there is no bully in this class and hopefully my observation are right!

School Term & Holiday

This school’s curriculum  follows the school term calendar. So there will be school holiday in this school. So after 10 weeks of learning, the tot will learn in  an unstructured manner.


8 thoughts on “A New Chapter of Yvette @ 28 mths: ChildCare Day 4 – Preparation, On Her Own & More

  1. hi but its really sad to said that crying is really the process …. mine cried for 2 weeks and i cried at home after i send him to school … really so poor thing … but when i decide to withdraw him out from the 3rd week, i saw him smiling playing happily in school and wave bye bye to me …. so i just decide to cont to let him stay on and now he is going to be in school for 1 year … i send him to sch when he is 17th month …. u really might need to hang on there , once yvette adapt in school, she will came back and tell u what is happening and what her friend did and what teacher did and keep talking non stop till sleeping time …..

    last time we are able to enter to school to peep what they are doing, so i always reach early and peep …. he is crying and crying and i think really cried since i put him there, i send him from 9 to 4pm. the teacher just carry him around, talk to him, let him play with his friend etc … and one of the parent also usually reach abt 3 plus and 4 and he actually help me to carry my son and wait till i came to sch to fetch him ….

    now i saw a lot of new kids also cried . when i think back , it heartpain la …. very pain …and no words can describe the pain

  2. Kate cried everyday, 2 hours class for almost 2 months. Eventually she settled down.

    Like Yvette, she didn’t refuse to go to school, no nightmare etc. I know Yvette will be able to settle down eventually (hopefully she doesn’t need that long).

    I know it’s tough, leaving a crying child everyday, especially when you are the sole caregiver, hang it there.

    • Thanks.

      This site provided by you doesn’t match the water intake against weight. BUT it give good benchmark and explanation.

      A child between the ages of one and three needs about 1.3 litres of water a day

      Then at least, I think it is not too bad for Yvette.

  3. I can only imagine how hard it is to leave your child when they are crying, hopefully Yvette adjusts to school life quickly. I’m sure when it comes to my turn, I’ll be just as upset as my girl.

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