Our Evening @ Bugis Junction

We hardly go there to shop. Bugis is always very packed in our view. But then since my SIL & our niece already there, we made a trip down to meet them for dinner.

We have dinner at Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant located at #02-53 in the mall. This restaurant has been in Singapore for 5 years and they serve Shanghainese Food.


We tired their some of the signature dish but it wasn’t as fantastic as some of the rave comment out there.   We tired the Nanxiang Drunken Chicken, I still prefer the Chicken in Soup Restaurant. We tried the Xiao Long Bao, I still prefer the one at Deng Tai Feng. Even the last dish we ate, Osmanthus Flower Sticky Cake, we didn’t find it nice? And our damage is 80 over bucks. We find too expensive to eat there.


But the restaurant is full house when we entered, so I believe it is still up to individual taste bud.

After our meal, of course I went up to the mall to shop but  not for myself. I need to find some clothing for Yvette. While I shopped, D brought Yvette to Amusement Conner inside BHG. (Lazymummy recommended this place in her blog.) How many of you are surprise we allow Yvette to go such places?

Actually we support the idea to go this place as a family. We really enjoy the fun with Yvette there. I wasn’t around to be witness how Happy was because I was hunting for some clothing for Yvette. But my SIL commented Yvette played like a boy!

As I shopped, I found this store in town. I been a silent reader of one mum and her love over Campus’ merchandise make me realised that bring up a boy is not boring. (You can never manage to guess how many pairs of shoes her son has!!!)


The only store in town!

At the end of the day, I am equally happy too. I manage to get some clothing for Yvette and at the same time I manage to find some books and activity book for Yvette. Most importantly, I found this Stencil book for Yvette. I been looking for these Stencil for ABC and 123. (Each book cost me S$8.90)


As we were heading home, Yvette insisted we took a picture of her inside the station.


We took many but this one is the “best”!


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