A New Chapter of Yvette @ 28 mths: ChildCare Day 3 (Update)

I was rather late today when I went to fetch her. Usually I will fetch her at 12.00 noon or even earlier so that I know she won’t have to cry for so long!

Yvette really didn’t stop crying after I left. But she was not screaming and not shouting. She just whined. BUT we know she understand my departure is temporary.

[All these while I thought it was the teacher who were telling her I am away to buy things for her, to go toilet. But I am wrong! It is herself who is telling Teacher, Mum is away to do this, this and this and will come back. So she does know, I will come BACK!]

Teacher N told me, Yvette was just refuse to let go. I know Yvette’s character well. She is just too determined or I would say stubborn. She usually will work on some thing that she is interested in and will do it again and again. And will take a while for her to give up. SO I think it will take her awhile to get use of this new routine.

Then Teacher N told me she ask for me. We thought it was breastmilk and was asked by Teacher N to wean Yvette off because she feel it is unfair for her. To bridge this gap, I told Teacher N, I will get some milk for her to bring to school and ask them to give it to her if she wants it. Then when I took a lift then and something strike me. When Yvette refers to milk, it was really MILK not BREASTMILK! So I quickly write it down on the Parent Connection Book if not I will forget!!!


Anyway, I find her adaptability is not better of yesterday. She still cry as usual but then she refuse to eat. The only bonus I have thru out the 3 days, she never wet herself in NEW environment. I let her wear her panties and I think it is a achievement by her. And is it not difficult to wake her up in the  morning.

Although she was still feeling sleepy as she was waiting for me. But she does look forward to go to school. Another plus point of Yvette is, she forget unhappiness very fast. She knows I will be away and she will cry but she still look forward to school. When we asked her; Do you like school? Do you like Teachers? Do you like your friends? She goes Ya! Ya! YA!


Today they had Soya Bean Curb for breakfast and I have totally forgotten Yvette doesn’t like this at all. So the whole bowl was thrown away. So wasteful.


The tot will be trained to put away their bowl after eating just like Yvette learned in JGC.

[I have decided to pack some breakfast for Yvette to eat in school so that she can eat with her classmates and her stomach will be filled up with the food that she likes. Breakfast is a bit tricky for us here.]

Again, today they swapped the timetable again. They started the class with Enrichment – Making Strawberry Jam Puff Pastry. This activity will teach the tots Letter J, they will also learn some practical life skill like spreading the Jam and sharpen their motor skill, spreading the jam and the egg onto the pastry and rolling.


And here is her work. And I going to keep and share with D.


Her lesson is really interesting and this is something I think will benefit her in long run. The problem now is getting her to accept I can’t be with her in class. Once she blends in, I am sure she will be happy!

P/S: As long as she didn’t fall sick often, I have no intention to pull her out of this school for now.


9 thoughts on “A New Chapter of Yvette @ 28 mths: ChildCare Day 3 (Update)

  1. when i 1st left bb alone in the cc ( third day ), to be truthful, i was teary alil …
    bb was wailing too at the other side, luckily there was a teacher whom he grew attached too during the trial period.

    Anyway, i suggest the goat milk powder for her.
    I just switched to goat milk and bb love it. It is quite aromatic too

    • Haiz, sometimes when I talk to Yvette about school, I was teary too. Really hope she could let go the idea I will not be with her in class soon!

      Hmmm, anything use powder, Yvette doesn’t like. I have brought some UHT chocolate Milk for her. Thanks for your recommendation!

    • The teacher feels that she(Yvette) need to manage the separation anxiety together with missing the “neh neh” is too much for Yvette.

      And today the admin staff (which they will help out the playgroup during bath time) came straight to my face telling me I should have wean Yvette before sending her to cc because there was once a case similar to Yvette’s situation was withdraw after 3 months.

      It seemed this school is not pro over breastfeeding just like some people thinks that bf shouldn’t continue after 6 months.

      Actually I am already in the process in weaning but I am not going to try the crying out way because it really pains me.

      Things just don’t happen overnight and I am not going to rush to wean Yvette off just because of this!

  2. Breastfeeding is such a delicate relationship. If the child still relies on it for emotional needs, it’d be unfair to take it away from her PLUS separation anxiety due to school.

    You’d need to help her find an alternative way of getting comfort without the sucking. Try giving lots of loving cuddles through the day?

    Anyway, my boy just weaned himself off the remaining feed (early morning). I’m amazed it came earlier than expected. All the best!

    • MieVee,

      I am thinking it is unfair to quickly taken away from Yvette now. As I mentioned in previous comment, we are in the process but I am not going to rush.

      Actually recently, I notice, Yvette like to suck her finger, and I guess it is for comfort. I will try to give her more more cuddles now. (Actually plenty is a already given.)

      Congratz. to you!

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