A New Chapter of Yvette @ 28 mths: ChildCare Day 2

Today is Day 2, so what had happened?

As usual, I will wake up 20 mins earlier for my breakfast before I wake Yvette up on 8 am. IT takes me 5 mins to wake her up and I get her to clean up before we left the house. 8.30 am is the indicative timing to reach CC for us as the first lesson starts at 9 am.

The usual health screening was carried out at the door. As a concerned mum, I check with the person in charge whether the school has any cases of HFMD before. She told me it was long ago and there wasn’t any case now.


I walked into the class with Yvette since I know where is the class now. I got her settled on the chair and Teacher N started to give her half a bowl of scramble egg. As usual, she won’t be able to finish. I am also given the permission by the teacher  to allow Yvette to eat her cheese in class too.


Today, the teacher made some adjustment for the lesson. Knowing 3 new students and 3 of them will cry, they combine the class together and conduct the English lesson in one big group instead of splitting them into two. Very flexible in making changes to the class and benefit the other students who were the same class with the 3 new students.

True enough, the little boy started to cry when his parents said “Bye Bye” to him. Me and another mum stay on.

[I let Yvette wear a top inside her dress because it is rather cold in this school.]


A good start for this boy and this boy really copes well. (So far for so many blogs I have read, boys seem to be able to adapt to CC faster.) He cried, he stop. Then he observed the class. The he cried again. But before the lesson ended, he already stop crying. I am not too sure did he cry after I left but then it seemed he coped very well because Teacher N sing praises of him when I brought Yvette back during lunch time.

This time I left during the first snack. While I was feeding Yvette Honey Dew, I kept telling her I am going to leave and she will have to be the teacher. Initially she was ok but then when I really said “Bye Bye” to her, she started to cry.

There she went crying for 2 hours when I was away. She stopped immediately when she saw me. Poor girl. I wonder how she is going to cope without me!

I know it will not be easy for Yvette and here are the reasons for it

  • I am her sole care giver.
  • She is still a breastfed child. I think she miss “neh neh” more than me. She will ask for it once we reach home. Neh Neh is the KING now. Although this is a good method to wean her but it seem harder for her to forget neh neh now.
  • I always accompany to class in the past make the transition harder. I think she must be thinking since I can be with her in the past how come not now?

But she seems to understand that I WILL definitely come back for her. I been a unbroken recorder since the day I signed her up.There are some positive signs given out be Yvette that I really feel comfortable to let go:

  • She is willingly to let teachers carry her when she is looking for me.
  • She will eat, drink, even go pee without me.
  • She understands about my departure is only temporary when we talk about it. It is just too hard for this little girl to manage.

Anyway today is Thurs, we received two books from school and here they are:

IMG_7475 IMG_7476

Oh yes, the teacher told me Yvette ate 3/4 of bowl of porridge for lunch and she could finish another half of the bowl of her normal serving at home. Hmmm, she has such a BIG appetite now?

And let see how Yvette fair on the third day!


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