A New Chapter of Yvette @ 28 mths: ChildCare Day 1

I accompanied Yvette to her preschool cum ChildCare Centre this morning and was just back an hour ago. She had just nursed to sleep and now was sleeping soundly right beside me.

Her day started early today.

She woke up at 8 am (washed up and changed) and we left home with my sister at 8.15 am. Breakfast was served at 8.30am and we were told to be there by this timing. (We can be late at the class will start at 9.00 am.) How nice to have a preschool that one stone away? One factor I choose this school.

Before entering the school, all the tots need to be checked. They will use torch light to shine onto the mouth to check for ulcer. Then they will check the hand and the foot. Lastly, all of us must sanitise our hand. I would say this is extra caution when come to checking and I hope this is not a step up for the out blown HFMD but the usual routine they are going thru daily. I am so worry about HFMD now!

Today, the Admin Lady brought us into the class room. As I entered the room, I saw some tots having breakfast. I didn’t let Yvette have breakfast at home because Yvette will take a long time to finish and she never fond of eating breakfast. Getting her to eat there will be a better option for me as I can allow her to sleep longer and doesn’t need to chase her to eat. And she  can get herself settle earlier.

Soon, we got her to sit down to eat together with her peers. I saw some tots still got tears within their eyes. I checked with the teacher isn’t it true that the tots will still cry after they have been with the school for a period of time.

Teacher N replied yes and I guess separation anxiety is something we need to manage till they are very much older? (Anyway, this is confirmed I withes a Daddy trying hard to coax his son (a 4-5 yo boy) into the school while on my way to Admin to submit some  documents.)

After the breakfast, (as expected Yvette didn’t finish the bun given) Chinese Lesson started.

[Actually the school allows us to bring cake, bun to the school for the child to eat and also allow us to bring extra for the tots to share. I am quite happy with this practice. I actually give Yvette one slice of cheese every morning now for her calcium intake. Will check with the teacher tomorrow whether I can pass the cheese for Yvette to eat.]

CC Day 1

The Theme for this month lesson is : Music and the teacher bought out two musical instrument to teach the tots. 彩虹铃 & 沙球. Perhaps I was still around, Yvette could response well to her teaching. But I did face some tantrum from Yvette during the lesson too. Out of the sudden, she asked for “neh neh” and iPod Touch!!!


After the Chinese Class, they had watermelon for snack. Serving is small but I know the tots could ask for second serving.

Soon after the snack, both class will join together heading the enrichment program offer by the school. (Yvette’s class is a new class and currently is only 5 students. Another PG is already full. 10 students in the class. The class ratio is 5:1) They need to form into a (train)line and walked from their class room to the Music room.

Although the program title sound profound but basically is it the Music and Movement incorporated with learning Musical instrument and a bit of dancing. It is like to have contact with music and experience music learning through play in a group can stimulate and develop his/her musical sense, steady rhythm, motor skills, listening skills, and the ability to play an instrument.

Anyway, I left Yvette after I brought her back to the class after her toilet break. I am surprise I am able to let go and let her cry there. (I  peeped into the classroom and saw her crying.) IT is heartbreaking but then I know I need to let go if not we can’t move on.

She cried and cried and cried for 45 mins till I was back. (It’s their lunch time when I was back.) Immediately I saw her lunch on the table and was really shocked to see it was only 1/5 of the portion she ate. Quickly I told Teacher N that she could eat more. Teacher N was not taken back by my remark and explained to me because this was her first day and not too sure how much she can eat. Yvette could always ask for more. I am assured with her explanation and I am further assured that I saw a little girl (smaller than Yvette) was given a BIG bowl of rice for her lunch. (I even confirmed with the assistant teacher this is the portion she could finish?) I know it is not good to waste food especially in CC, but will Yvette ask for more? I guess I will need to monitor her weight and work with the teacher how much Yvette could eat there. (New environment, new caregiver will affect the appetite.)

While feeding her, I checked with the Teacher in Charge how long she had cried and how was she coping. Not surprise that Teacher N told me to be prepared Yvette will need to take 2 weeks to a month to cope with the change.

Yvette was definitely happy to see me again and I am the one that fed her lunch. She ate half of the bowl (the bowl that we use for our soup.). They are allowed to drink water during meal even though the food served already wet enough for them to eat.

[Lunch was early today. They didn’t do any activity for Science. I saw Teacher N making Jelly with “old” class. Teacher N explained to me why she left this out solely because today, this class has 3 new students and all of them were crying. Tomorrow will have another assistant teacher to cope with the “crying” tots. It seemed I have chosen a wrong date to start her class but luckily they will have another teacher to manage new comer. Yes, no tot was left alone to cry there. Yvette was carried by the teacher when I was back to the class. The same teacher was holding another tot because Teacher N need to feed another 2 tots porridge.]

As I was feeding Yvette, the admin staff come by and help to look after the tots while Teacher N bathed the tots and changed tot into a new clothing and give them milk before they sleep. (Amazing some tots could drink milk right after the lunch! I think because some some eat very little during the meal time.)

[I like the teacher use their observation and their heart to take care of the tots. They observed them and make decision on how to take care of them rather than following the rules.]

I also saw 3 list of information pertaining to the tots was pasted on the wall to remind the teacher.



Since Yvette doesn’t require milk and is there for half a day, she is not on the “milk” list.

As mentioned, the teachers were bathing the tot and changing them; preparing the nap, I saw them pull out this net mattress which is the bed for them to sleep for the nap. I like this. It is definitely cleaner to use the cotton mattress. How many school will sun their mattress? I saw the mattress in the toilet too. This type of mattress is definitely easy to clean when it gets dirty.


We didn’t stay for long. We left the school about 12 noon although we can stay till 12.30 noon or latest 1 pm.


17 thoughts on “A New Chapter of Yvette @ 28 mths: ChildCare Day 1

  1. So she was ok for the rest of the day? Did she manage to take her nap?

    I sent JR for his montessori workshop (it’s 1-to-1 almost), and he cries off/on, but is ok with the facilitator carrying him, and he says he enjoys being there each time I ask him. The 1st time, he said he cried bc he wanted to play a box of puzzles he saw but no one understood what he wanted. The 2nd time, he just said he missed me. haha! But it’s only 1 hour – not so big “project” like yours.

    • Sam har… you miss out the last line. Yvette went off. She is currently on half day program. Of course the school keep stressing me to put her on first day but then how she could cope with her nap.. she always ask for neh neh!!! (I was away for 45 mins only)

      So nice JR could tell you he miss you. So sweet of him!

    • Really she is coping well. But she cried for 45 mins while I am away. But I need to be honest, I didn’t tell her I am going off although she saw me outside the Music Room.

      I am glad you say the environment looks good. Will update you in detail when I chat with you again.

  2. pat pat… seperation anxiety is a phase that every kids have to go through. It is really heartbreaking to see our tots crying so badly. But I just force myself to let go. Sooner or later when she make friends and is more familiar with the teachers, she will enjoy going to school. 🙂

    • I hope so too. (Soon or later she can make friend and move on.)

      Actually she is very easy to get with person. I saw her playing with many tots while I sit at the side observing her.

  3. A mum said when she sent her tot to school, he’d cry and scream badly at the entrance. When Dad sent him, everything was peaceful. Some kids know who has the “softer” heart. 🙂

    Anyway, seems like a very good childcare environment. Hope all goes well.

    • Yeah, I am thinking to let my sister to bring her to school if the cries continue after a month? But then it will not be so convenient because sometimes my sister stay at her boyfriend place.

  4. I have to confess that I didn’t tell Yvette I am leaving her to the care. I shall note this mistake and will tell her today IF I am going off again for a short period of time!

  5. I’m quite decided to placing my boy in childcare also at 29 months (when current JG term ends) and learning quite a lot from your blog entries on this. I think my separation anxiety has already started!

    • JZ,

      What we have to learn is LET THEM GO! This is the phase that every kids have to go through as mentioned by Choon Yen too. It is very hardbreaking but then we have to go thru as a parent too!

      I am sure your DS will manage it well even not, give him some time and yourself some time.

      P/S: Hey I met your friend Felicia. Her daughter and Yvette are in the same class. Shhhh… now you know where I send Yvette! She was suggesting playdate with your boy. Let see when we got time to do so. Such a SMALL world!!!

  6. hey yvette mummy! i am about to rejoin the workforce and thus has to send my son sean to childcare too.

    do u mind sharing which childcare centre is yvette in now? u can email me, tia!

    also, do u have any info to share about mindchamps preschool? reason being there is a mindchamps in the same bldg where i’ll be working at. would be great if u have any details to let me make a more informed decision.

    many thanks!

    • Hi Nicole,

      I will send you a mail. Thanks for following us and your advice over the Yvette’s skin issue!

      I read positive and negative comments about Mindchamps and this has very long wait list. Have you started to queue?

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