A New Chapter of Yvette @ 28 mths: ChildCare Orientation

We been waiting for this day to come and finally we got to meet the Teacher in Charge. D & I together with Yvette went up to meet the teachers, 1 main, 2 sub-main and 1 assistant teacher. (Assistant Teacher was away for lunch.)

I like the attitude of the main teacher, Teacher N. Probably she is a mother of one, she is very concern over the “taking-care” part of the child as well as her habit.

The Chinese Teacher also concern her ability on understand the language. All thanks to JGC, Yvette now speaks 50% of Mandarin at home.

We were given:-

  • Parent Handbook
  • Reading Record Book*
  • Connection Book

*This school encourages the child to read. Two books will be given each Thursday and returned on next Wednesday.

CC geting prepare

Although we are not given a copy of the food they eat daily and not her timetable, they are all on the wall and the teacher didn’t stop me for taking it down.

Her class schedules as follow:

7.00 a.m – Arrival/Health screening
7.30 a.m – Free Play
8.30 a.m – Breakfast/small group activity
9.00 a.m – Chinese Lesson
9.30 a.m – Morning snacks
10.00 a.m – Enrichment
10.30 a.m – English Lesson
11.00 a.m – Science
11.20 a.m – Lunch
12.00 noon – Bath
12.45 noon – Nap
3.15 p.m – Afternoon snack
3.45 p.m – Toileting (hmmmm poop?)
4.00 p.m – English Lesson
4.30 p.m – Chinese Lesson
5.00 p.m – Free Expression
7.00 p.m – Home!

I am delight they had set up the school “pigeon-hole” for Yvette but I found out her surname was spelled wrongly.


Yvette Wang not Yvette Wan

I am given two forms to fill and submit. The MCYS Subsidiary Form and Authorisation Form to pick up Yvette. I need to fill in their names as well as submit their photographs. I think this school is rather strict and ensure the best interest of the child. Besides given all this necessary information, I also need to call the school to inform the school there will be a change of person to pick up Yvette at the end of the day.

With all these steps in place, I hope Yvette will spend all her 5 years in this school before entering her next stage of her life again. (I hope, I really hope Yvette will like this school and this school will keep up of their standard so that I don’t need to take the trouble to change school for Yvette. (I really like the distance of this school away from the place we live.This school  is so near to our house. )


10 thoughts on “A New Chapter of Yvette @ 28 mths: ChildCare Orientation

  1. Wow, Yvette has started school already! I’ve yet to find a school for Ally, not looking forward to the whole process. Was it difficult to leave her at school? Hope she settles in quickly

    • Yes. I let her start school now. Perhaps it is time to start looking for one if you are comfortable on her going to school. Hey do you mind telling me where you send your child to Gym class via email?


  2. u are lucky to find a school near your home
    the cc around my area are all full , so i enrolled mine to somewhere which need to take feeder bus, its really quite troublesome to take bus and esp raining days .. my son had 3 x HFMD after he started school …

  3. ya , quite sad to know that he ganna 3 x hfmd , but i still let him cont in that school because i feel that the aunty are very caring although until now i really dun know what he is learning in school , haha ….

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