A Walk in MacRitchie Reservoir

Before dinner, we went MacRitchie Reservoir for a evening walk.


We saw beautiful flower.


We saw some wild life. (I didn’t dare to go too near but D carried Yvette all the way there.)


We saw beautiful sunset.


And Yvette had some fun with the sand and her favourite activity – doing Monkey Swing



6 thoughts on “A Walk in MacRitchie Reservoir

  1. Haven’t been to MacRitchie for years…heard that the place will be under-going a huge overhaul soon…with water play for kids etc. I love the picture u took of the setting sun 🙂

    • Rachel,

      Don’t go now. (Of course if you stay nearby, I won’t stop you.) (My place is 15 mins bus ride away.) Wait till 1st Q of 2011 when the zig-zag bridge will be ready.

      Thanks for liking my picture and I am a sucker for such compliment! (An compliment from expert!) However, I am still in the learning stage to get the picture right and editing my picture right too. Still in the beginner stage!

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