Food For Thought: Does eating chicken cause early menstruation?

As a parent, I am constantly worrying about Yvette’s growth and development. Wondering if she’s eating enough, learning enough, growing enough… and the list goes on. Then yesterday I learnt from my friend Jovise that eating chicken will cause early menstruation for girls. And now I am very shock.

I never know this. When I am back the next day, I google to find out how true this statement is. And this is the result I found.

What is early puberty? What causes it?

Early puberty is sometimes called precocious or premature puberty. In most cases, early puberty is just a variation of normal puberty. In a few cases, there may be a medical reason for early puberty.

You may want to visit your doctor if a young girl develops breasts and pubic hair before 7 or 8 years of age.

You may want to visit your doctor if a young boy has an increase in testicle size and penis length before 9 years of age. (Link)

  Steroid hormones in food were suspected to cause early puberty in girls in some reports. However, exposure to higher than natural levels of steroid hormones through hormone-treated meat or poultry has never been documented. Large epidemiological studies have not been done to see whether or not early puberty in developing girls is associated with having eaten growth hormone-treated foods. (Link)

There is really not much studies involving eating chicken in the internet as I Google.

Is this a myth?

I am concern, but then it is not good to eat too much fish, not healthy to eat too much red meat, if cut chicken by 50%, then what can Yvette eat?

What do you think?


16 thoughts on “Food For Thought: Does eating chicken cause early menstruation?

  1. Hey babe,
    I heard of this myth before from my mum. Mainly with the rationality on with the high demands of eggs & chickens that modern society needs. In order to match and pick up the pace, it is said to inject hormones jab to the chickens to enhance growth. And with consume to us, the hormones will definately be into our body.

    Actually for my son, i usually give him pork from indo ( bought from market ) and also fish, sometimes beef. No much variations though, you can try turkey meat too i guess ?


    • Sonya,

      I buy my meat from market too (also from indo.)

      See egg! That’s Yvette’s favorite too. I don’t whether is it too much for Yvette. Normally she eat one egg per day or least some egg in one day. (Some sites say yes too much, some say not, it normal to have an egg per day.)

      And the bone for soup. Hmmm usually I will cook those stock and store in the fridge but now got to think about it again… But then if once or twice per week still ok but then once or twice per week also work out 52 x or 104x per year… too much???

      So now got to switch the normal chicken to Kampong Chicken. Hmmm Turkey also bird leh!!!


  2. Hi, it is true that the chickens are injected with hormones to make them grow bigger faster. It is injected either in the neck or the wings – so these 2 areas will be very concentrated.
    Ya, I know, the wings are the most delicious part.

    • Hi Don, Thanks for leaving me your very first comment.

      Haiz… not so easy to raise a girl…I remove the neck. And Yvette doesn’t like chicken wing but my hubby do! Oh No? 🙂

  3. Well, i do know for one that my daughter didn’t have early puberty. I did not take special care to buy kampong chicken back then. We regularly eat beef & chicken. Fish, not so regularly.

  4. After reading up about the food industry and nutrition 2 years back, I turned vegetarian, through pregnancy and breastfeeding. (I still take dairy and eggs. Started eating fish in recent months cos son hasn’t outgrown soy allergy.) My toddler also eats a largely vegetarian diet except for fish several times a week.

    Anyway, you may read more about chickens and other farm animals at

    The health risks of eating meat from today’s farming practices stretches beyond early puberty. I’m most concerned about cancer risks and mercury poisoning.

    • Thanks MieVee, you are always so informative!

      Hey you know, you and me really in like mind. The secondary profession I will like to go into is Food and Nutrition but then I am thinking I will be suffering HUGE pay cut so now still in KIV mode!!!

  5. vegetables loh.

    then again, vege got pesticides. Eat air lah.

    actually I heard about injecting hormones in the wings too and hence eating chicken wings can cause breast cancer.
    Mr Don, when you said, “it is true”, please justify. e.g. you saw it yourself, or quote reliable printed or online source.

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