Our Day In Marina (Barrage) – Part 2

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We abolished the plan to take taxi to Marina Barrage knowing we might be charged with City Surcharge of S$3. (The whole trip will cost us about 10 bucks and  we find it is not worthwhile.) So we walked back to the MRT Station and took Bus 400 to Marina Barrage instead.

As we walked, we found out Yvette had sunk into her slumber land. Not surprising she dozed off because it’s already way past her usual nap time.

We hop on the bus and found out I had lost my Ezlink card AGAIN. Oh my! This is the second card I lost in a week! What is happening to ME??? (I been very forgetful and careless lately.)

Although the weather was not blistering hot but still very warm to sleep on the stroller. I told D to stay at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery at the second floor because of the air con. We also can walk around to uncover how a Singapore with limited resources could meet the needs of a fast developing community in an environmentally-friendly manner which I doubt this will happen if Yvette is awake.


With all the conditions are met, Yvette slept for about 1.5 hours before she was up again. Soon right after she was up, we took a quick walk in the last part of the gallery with her before we move up to the roof top for our activity.


We were there to fly our kite which we miss doing it for long long time. Before D fixed up the kite, I noticed Yvette was right in front of the Flyer. As such, I tried to took picture of her with the nice background. However due to my poor camera skill and uncooperative Yvette, I didn’t manage to capture the idea feel of the picture I want.




Soon D was done with our kite, he managed to fly it up to the sky before Yvette chased after him for the kite.




Our favourite picture for the day and I think my picture taking skill has improved!!! (Ho Ho Ho)


Yvette waited and started playing with the grass before D gave her the kite.


I like this picture. Yvette looks so small beside D.


Finally she got hold of the kite and D tried his very best to fly up the kite up with her. However, despite trying very hard, the kite didn’t seem to be wanted to fly up to the blue sky anymore.


Soon Yvette got bored and started to do many many funny action on this big patch of grasses!


We have to leave because we have a dinner appointment in the evening with Jovise who her birthday fall on 15th Sept this month. (Another birthday celebration!)

Before we left, I finally found out in Marina Barrage, there actually a place for the tots to clean up after the water play. It is near the Activity Centre.

wash area

This round we didn’t let Yvette have fun with the water because the time is running out for us. She was admiring the water fountain before we left.


And I looked up the sky, it was like going to rain too.


Although it was going to rain, there were so many beautiful kites up in the dark sky!



Yvette had great fun meeting Aunty Jovise who treated me as her younger sister. She is 9 years my senior and I have known her for 10 over years. She is Yvette’s Ah Yee too!!! We headed Vivo City for dessert and Yvette had great fun playing with water again.

I also chanced up Lazymummy while taking escalator down for train ride home. It’s so nice meeting her. (I stumbled  up her blog several months back and since then we become cyber friend. We have been chatting on MSN and follow each other on Twitter.)


However our girls are too tired to even say hi but I sure the we will have more chances to meet again!


4 thoughts on “Our Day In Marina (Barrage) – Part 2

  1. I like the picture where Yvette is pinching the tummy. 🙂 And the phtoto is so eyes catching……The red tee with the contrasting green background! Looking at the pictures makes me want to go there for kite flying also. 😛

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