Side Effect on Having a Long Day

Two major meltdowns after when we were back from the Zoo in last evening.

My headache finally got away by 1 pm today.

And the weather today made me more depressing. We have to cancel our plan to go JB by Public Transport since it was raining. (Can anyone tell me where to get XS size panty for Yvette?) This is the purpose of my trip. I just couldn’t find the size for Yvette in Singapore. I brought 3 pieces of them when we were in JB a few months ago. (Yeah, she like to wear panty now)


My day was finally light up when we went Thomson Plaza after dinner. I got to drink my favourite drink and brought some books for Yvette!


P/S: I finally received the call from Yvette’s pre-school informing us to attend the orientation programme on Monday before her actual class starts on Wednesday. I am as Kan Cheong as Spider now!

4 thoughts on “Side Effect on Having a Long Day

  1. I have mothercare discount card, I will msn you the card no. you just have to tell them the number and can get the discount. Their is pretty and comfy.

    I also let Chloe wear panties over the diapers when she’s wearing dresses.

    • Thanks Lazymummy. I manage to get it from NTUC Extra yesterday.

      For panties must get right size because it is really uncomfortable if it get in between the backside! Currently Yvette is wearing training pant but nowadays she prefer panties. Hmmm… signs of growing up!

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