Oh What a Morning?

Once in a blue moon Yvette will wake up every early in the morning and will not want to go back to sleep anymore. (There was once she was up at 6 plus every morning for consecutive 3 days and those days I feel like zombie walking on the street!!!)

This morning was one of those morning that she was up extremely early at exactly 5 plus because she was affected by the itch caused by her Eczema.


Knowing not possible to get her back to sleep, I decided to bring her out for morning walk before heading market to get some fresh meat!

We got changed and headed to Playground.


I think it was raining the night before. The playground was so wet that I couldn’t dry the slide after using 4 packets of Tissue Paper. Thus, we didn’t stay there for very long and we have to leave. (Yvette totally understands the playground is too wet for her to play and she didn’t whine when I told her we need to go.)



As we walked toward the market and she started to point and tell me “the sky is blue” & “the cloud is white”. I look up, indeed a blue sky with many many white cloud.


Her mood didn’t seemed to be affected by not having fun in the playground. Our market trip will usually end with her heading to this fish shop to admire the fish and the tortoise!




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