A Birthday Outing to Zoo

My niece sms-ed me yesterday and asking us out to Zoo together with her boyfriend. I was shocked by the suggestion because it was her boyfriend’s birthday today. But I didn’t turn her down because I know Yvette will definitely love to go there.

This is our fourth trip to zoo and Yvette is still in loving it.  We took Bus 138 from AMK Inter-change and travelled all our way there. (I didn’t know there is a bus travel directly there from AMK.)

For this time, there’s not so much about the animals but there are definitely something new for us to experience.

Before we got into the Zoo, picture taking with all the animal statue at the entrance of the Zoo is a must! I like this picture of Yvette with my niece. She pushed in the one piece of Sushi before the shot. Greedy girl!


The animal that make my girl very excited today is Tortoise. She is really very much into them now. There were really many tortoise around. But we miss the Giant  Tortoise!



Since we had a very early morning today, Yvette sunk into sleep soon at 12. 15 noon.  This wasn’t a right time to nap as We experience the Tram Ride for the first time to the Rainforest Kidzworld specially for her.

Since Yvette was sleeping, and we were in time for the Animal Friends Show (Show Time: Daily 12.30 pm & 4.30 pm) and decided to go for it. (I never watch this show before too ya!) (Yvette could sleep despite the noise.)

The show started with a Techo Dance by the Zoo-Keeper and then he got 2 girls to join him for dance. I did take down the video but then with my broadband capability, I doubt I could upload them (record in HD mode) and post it here. And I am really surprise, the zoo use the latest techno hit in their show. They are really update to date!!! Here the original track of the song in Youtube, and I like it a lot too! (This brought back my memories when I went disco with Stella more than 10 over years ago!)

This show is really worth watching because the dogs and the cats even the mouse put up a good performance.





After the show, we waited awhile at KFC and hoping Yvette will wake up in time for the water fun but she didn’t. So We took a boat ride back. This is the first time we cruise on Upper Seletar Reservoir. The boat ride is so smooth and the view present in front of me is soooo beautiful




When we were about to leave Zoo (taking turn for toilet break, Yvette woke up). I am grateful her cousin agreed to my decision to take the boat ride again back to the Rainforest Kidzworld (It is unlimited ride now for both the boat and the tram.) for water fun.



She had so much fun there and she tried the 3 slides for the first time. (We only  manage to take picture when she was playing the Green Slide.)

Zoo 07.09

I am sure she has now overcome the fear on playing slide with water which she didn’t want to when we were at Wild Wild Wet in last May.

P/S: Happy Birthday Bryan and thanks for inviting us to celebrate your birthday in Zoo. (This is the second birthday celebration of the month and still counting.)


6 thoughts on “A Birthday Outing to Zoo

  1. Ah, that bus runs near my house. The first time we went to the zoo, we took the bus. There’s a time schedule at the bus stop for this bus. Very accurate. Extremely accurate timing at both that road-side bus-stop and at the bus-stop at the zoo on the way back – I was so amazed.

  2. Wow, that was nice of your niece! And I loved the last slide of her on the slide… 🙂 And Yvette can sleep through the show? I remember it’s pretty loud and noisy right? Amazing, that girl!

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