Sharpen Motor Skills @ Playground

Every tots love playground! We try to let her have at least 2 x (outdoor) playground trips in the week. (But usually she will be able to get at least 3-4 or even more.) One trip will be on Sunday and another one can be on any weekday where papa comes home early and papa will bring her to the Sensory Park with her 3-wheels or I might bring her out myself.

Yvette loves to explore.

She will explore every nook of the playground including the grass and the sand (if any). She will even pick up rubbish in the playground and pass it to us or she will throw away herself. It is not just playing with slide anymore!


咚! 咚! 咚! 是谁在里面!


This is good for pre-writing!

Of late, she is getting more and more adventure in the playground and starting to try out something new. (All without our help now.)

Climbing up the arc stairs (I not too sure what is this.)


Monkey Swing

Motorskill @ Playground

Her favorite activity now!

Climbing up the step ladder

We feel she have very good balancing skill here and she is able to calculate her own risk very well. She took this so well now. She mastered this after less than 4 times of our guidance.

Motorskill @ Playground1

Rock climbing.

This yet to be mastered by her.


Today she tired this again. She had tried climbing up for the last 3 times but didn’t make it up to the top.

D guided her and helped for for 2 times and she managed to climb up by her own. (Too bad i didn’t get our camera ready to picture this moment.)

Motorskill @ Playground2

Playground is a not only a place for our tot to play. It’s a place for her motor skill. It’s also a place for social skill where Yvette get to meet “her friend” once in a week and also learn how to share.

5 thoughts on “Sharpen Motor Skills @ Playground

  1. Yup I agree with the motor skills thing, I try to bring my boy to the playground as often as I can. But your playground looks WAAAy better, more activities! 🙂

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