Passion Movie Night @ Asian Civilisations Museum

I got to know this about a month back via my niece’s blog and decided to attend this event.


There will be showing two movies and we will be allowed to watch one because the second movie will end at 1 am and it will be too late for Yvette.


Movie Title : Monsters vs Aliens
Time: 7:45pm
Movie Title : Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Time: 9:45pm

This is the first time we will be watching movie and eating our dinner in open space. It kind of exciting over this idea. I did all the cooking and these are the food we had for our dinner. Curry Chicken, Char Siew, Fried vegetable with Fish cake with Rice. We also brought along snacks and drink too.


Once we placed the mat on the floor and removed our shoes, my little girl followed us.


This little girl is truly a Daddy’s girl. She really know how to make her Daddy love her more! I like this picture when they embracing each other in the open space.


The movie finally started at 7.45 pm by then, Yvette started to feel restless. I didn’t expect her to sit thru this round. She had skipped her nap again today and this movie doesn’t suit her age too. She requested us to bring her home and we decided to bring her around the museum for some activities that are meant for her.


We saw people queuing up for the Colourful Body Art activity. Knowing Yvette will not be keen in this, we went up to the second floor where we saw some tots were doing colouring on the desk provided.


As one her favourite activity is colouring, we finally get her settled there and she was enjoying herself till she decided to stop listening to us and started to play with those sharpen pencil residue.

I reprimanded her and decided to move her away from the colouring activity. We then moved around the Museum (free admission) to see the masterpiece on display.



This didn’t last us for long too. Soon she need to pee and we have to rush out of the Galleries to the toilet again.

When we were finally out of the Museum , and realised we had spent an hour there. The Movie was also coming to an end.

We left immediately after the movie. We reached home around 9 plus and  Yvette dozed off at 10.30 pm without much effort from us.


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