Why I Choose Julia Gabriel Again and Again?

I’ve been biased seriously. I have readers writing to me asking me opinion about JGC and other school and my heart all goes to JGC.

Why JGC is so special in my eye?

The Teacher.

The teachers in JGC will bring themselves down to the tots’ level and understand them rather than making them to speak clearly and pronounce words properly according to what the teacher wants to hear.

The Curriculum.

15 mins of self-introduction with the teachers and other tots.

15 mins on teaching the topic

15 mins on craft

15 mins on Drama or Story Time

15 mins for Snacks. Eating together. Teaching good habits like queuing up, requesting for food using May I, Please, Thank You. Good enough!

15 mins on Outdoor Play.

15 mins on Music and Movement.

15 mins quite time, reinforcing knowledge, good habits, etc

Total 2 hours.

And most important, the tots feel so safe and secure with their main caregiver around. Of course, I know some tots could cope very well in Child Care doing their pre-nursery (aka playgroup).

The Overall Learning Environment.

The class room is always re-decorated after each term for new theme. It always give me a fresh new look when we are back from holiday. Of course, I always choose to go for a smaller class size and knowing this is a good ratio for Yvette to learn.

The admin staffs and even the cleaning aunty are helpful.

Today is the last lesson and Yvette will be heading to somewhere new for her learning adventure. I really hope the new environment will be better or at least at par. And I think we are going to miss JGC very much!

I am really worry as well as excited for this new journey that we are going embark on!


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