Another Celebration For D’s 40th Birthday

We actually went to many places with my niece and her boyfriend today but I shall cut the entry short by only blogging some special moments for today celebration.

I called my niece in the morning and found out that she was not working and asked her to join us for lunch. And yes, they (her bf was off too) came along.

Yvette handed this card made by herself with my assistance to her Daddy in morning and D was so happy to receive it with pride.

Another Celebration For D 40th Birthday1

I held Yvette's hand to write down those greeting!

I feel so blessed that the teachers cut the Music and Movement short and present the certificate to Yvette so that we could go off. (The class was already over run by 15 mins when we left.)

After we left, my niece picked us up and we headed Jumbo at Dempsey for crab. It’s now a norm for us that every year we will be heading there for birthday celebration because as a member, D will receive a birthday cake (something went terrible wrong about the cake and I will disclose at the end of the post.) and since we were there for lunch, we will be entitled 20% discount.


These two dishes are a must for us. I like pepper and D like Chilli Crab!


My Fav!!!


Eating crab with Yvette can be tough because our hands will be all used up but then luckily we have iPod Touch to keep her company.


After our sumptuous lunch we brought Yvette to Peek-a-Boo! at Kallang Leisure Park because my niece’s bf need to attend some personal matter.

Another Celebration For D 40th Birthday

Yvette had so much energy and stamina. She skipped her nap and made me went up the obstacle for more than 10 times within 40 mins with her. I tell you, this is soooooooo tiring but I felt less guilty over eating as I have already exercise!

After spending 1.5 hours there with her, we surrendered!!!

Headed the supermarket as my niece’s bf was still not done with his errand. We found this mini pushing cart for Yvette and she was over-joy to push it around and shop like us!!!

IMG_6897 IMG_6900

My niece needs to attend class in the evening and we followed them to her school and dropped her off and went for dinner.

To cut the story short, my niece’s class ended early and we went to my SIL’s house for cake cutting.

Have anyone wonder what happen to the cake by now?

We have not forgotten it’s a Mousse Cake and it followed us everywhere we went. Imagine this cake need to be chilled and it was “out” with us almost half of the day.

It melted but it’s still E-D-I-B-L-E!!!

I am impress.

This cake is from Bakerzin. And now I can vouch that they use the best (and fresh) ingredient for their cakes!


She can't wait to blow the candles!!!


3 thoughts on “Another Celebration For D’s 40th Birthday

  1. Yeah, and the cake still can be eaten. It so amazing!

    We’ve have been 4 branches of Jumbo, East Coast, Riverwalk, Riverpoint (@ Clarke Quay) & Dempsey and I would say the pepper crab in Dempsey taste the best!

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