Books Yvette Read in August 2010

Yes, we are struck. Yvette’s love for these three books remain. We been reading these 3 books (of course the 2 sets of Chinese book series) with a couple of new books in the past one month.

2010 Week -- Book of the month 08 August 2010

Yvette took longer to accept new books. I have to keep trying reading to her day and night to trigger her interest. And usually I will read 2-3 new books at one go. And this will last me till the day the books need to be returned. By then I will make the decision to renew the books for another 3 weeks.

I didn’t take the books we borrowed 3 weeks ago but here the books I borrowed today.

2010 Week -- Book of the month 08 August 20101

In view of her attending preschool soon, we have been actively reading books related to going to school. Time For School, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff & Felicia Bond doesn’t create any impact on her. 😦 (I got this book from MPH – 30% off) But personally I find this book portray the “right  negative signs – not-quite-organized attitude” of some children going to school.

It’s time for school, but Mouse is definitely not ready. He can’t find his notebook, his pencils, or his homework. It’s time to search, and Mouse sure finds a lot of things – his crayons, his doctor’s kit, his cookies. But it’s time to leave, and there’s still no homework in sight!

But I doubt Yvette understand the purpose of “sense of humour” behind the storyline.


Elephant Soup by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert was borrowed due to Carrot Soup. And the story plot is totally different.

When the Mouse was feeling down in the dumps, do you know what will he do when that happens?

He gather all his friends and make Elephant Soup!!!

This is a fantastic adventure involving hundreds of mice, a large pot of water, simmering gently over a fire, assorted vegetables, and a volunteer elephant (to flavor the soup).

Yvette loves it but yet a hit. I have renewed the book.


Are You My Mother? by P.D.Eastman is another book Yvette likes besides My Nest Is Best by P.D Eastman. Personally I like P.D Eastman book to Dr Seuss. His book make more sense as compare to Dr Seuss. A more easy understand story line to digest as compare to Dr Seuss.

This story is about an adorable baby bird that hatches and can not find his mother. The baby bird is anxious to find his mother and goes on a journey to find her. He asks everyone and everything he sees if they are his mother.

Yvette loves the part  when this little bird walks around and asks everyone he could see whether they are his mother and we have to change our tone when reading it.


We will reading this book to her again in Sept and I am going buy more P.D Eastman for Yvette because I really like his Style!


5 thoughts on “Books Yvette Read in August 2010

  1. Maybe I should pass you our Dr Seuss books. JR doesn’t really like them. Too repetitive and boring and meaningless.

    Oh, we have the I went Walking too! He used to love that!

  2. If the author is Dr Seuss, I am afraid I got to agree with you, his story is meaningless. So far the books Yvette like is not written by him but part of the group.

    Hee, I don’t mind to have your books!

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