Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 19

I took this picture while we waiting for lift. Yvette loves to look at the display panel of the lift and count together with the upcoming lift. She looks so cute in these two pictures.

IMG_6689 IMG_6688

章鱼 is the topic for this week lesson. Teacher Lee used the mini Octopus to teach during the Magic Box Time.


D always says Teacher Lee is full of expression and I agree with two hands up. I like that way she use her face expression and her body language to trigger the child’s interest in learning and their participation.

Craft Time besides PlayTime is always Yvette’s favourite. How I wish she have the same behaviour when ever she is learning.

I wish!

JGC T3 Wk 10 Wed

The Drama is so interesting that every tots remain quiet and watch that quietly. It’s about how the Octopus use his ink sacs to camouflage themselves when the sharks going to attack him. And the Octopus can escape from danger very fast too.


Here’s her snack. (One serving) And she finished them all.


Since we were back to JGC, I always let Yvette play on her own with her classmate and her teachers. Sometimes I will just disappear and move away from her. Sometimes I do tell her sometimes not. But she never look for me! Good news?


I love her participation in Music and Movement.



As we were need to rush off on Friday, I took picture for Yvette with all the Teachers that are teaching her in Playclub now and before.





I am very sure she will miss this school! Hope we can be back for Speech and Drama soon!


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