PLAYtime! The Magic Island

What is PLAY time?


A series designed for audiences aged two to four that seeks to nurture their interest in performing arts. PLAYtime! performances are interactive and encourage toddlers in the audience to join in the narration with simple actions. Each presentation aims to developing toddlers’ linguistic and physical awareness, while encouraging interaction and play with other members of the audience. (Link)

I got to know this play thru one blog I read silently. (Link)


SYNOPSIS of this Play:

In the middle of the ocean lies an island.
And on this island, a magical experience awaits you…

Play with cheeky mischievous monkeys, which will tickle your funny bone. Build your own sandcastles and when it gets too hot, dive into the clear cool waters to pick up pretty sea shells.

When night falls, sway along with the palm trees and sing along to the special songs of the island!

There is plenty for everyone to do!

Thru the past experience I gather, Yvette could sit thru as long as the show interest her and decided to give it a go and I find this play will benefit her learning journeys.


To wake this little devil up in the morning is tough, but still we managed to reach there on time by public transport. (Sometimes I really feel blessed I stay near town.)

It’s free sitting and we were the back. No worries we can’t see the stage as the setting make everyone at every corner able to watch without being block. Of course it will be nice to sit in front.

Anyway, it’s FULL house. Many preschoolers were there. At least 4 preschools were there. It’s really an effort of the schools to make effort to bring these tots out. I hope Yvette will have more excursion in the future with her new school.

I am quite right Yvette could sit thru out. (And I hope this behaviour stays forever!)

2 toilet trips with no meltdowns. The show was so loud and some part got emotional. Some tots cried over the show and Yvette was took it so well.

Yes, this show is interactive. They really involves tots in singing, helping them to pick up the seashell and even teaching the tots numbers. I love the part where the Little Sister tried to make friend with Baby Tiger and Baby Monkey and they had plenty of fun .

I saw some friends from JGC there too. They actually dated me for the next show (due to discount we could get by getting 4 tickets together) but due to the fact that Yvette will be attending school, I have to let it go.


The up coming play – PLAYtime!
The Kingdom Under My Bed by Teater Ekamatra (Link)

During the show, on and off I will highlight the importance part of the Play (like the the reason why to have friends, why there is a need to share and ask permission, etc.) to her and after the show, I questioned her what she had understand from the Play. She got it right most of the time.

I am glad that she is really showing the show.

And this show really trigger something on her.

She recited “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on our way home out of her own accord. One missing lyrics but on the whole she was doing fine. (“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is one of the song they definitely sing in JGC and at home we do sing it for her from time to time.)


I am so happy to hear that from her not because she recited this song, (she been singing every often at home now and actually I have lost count the songs she could sing); it’s because I know the show has an impact on her.


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