Our Adventure in Punggol

Learning there is an open space for flying kite in Punggol or Sengkang; we decided to get there for this activity. We went market in the morning for breakfast and get ourselves a kite. Yvette was really happy that we were going to fly kite in the afternoon and she was really looking forward. She kept telling us K for kite on our way home from market.

We took Bus 88 at our doorstep and embarked our journey to the Punggol Park.  According to SBS website, it will took us 32 mins from the bus stop near our house to the park but the actually journey was about 50 mins.

We alighted at the bus-stop next to Blk 458 and the park was just opposite this block.



We walked across the road and I saw this traffic light. This is the first time I see this type of traffic light. I wonder is this traffic light common or perhaps I have seen them in ECP but I really can’t recall.


Anyway, Yvette actually dozed off during the bus ride. It must be the lunch, the boring journey and it collided with her nap time. She didn’t wake up after we alighted the bus. But we were happy that she was sleeping. Maybe she might miss the nature walk but it’s a good news for both of us. We could have a nice stroll in the park without a need to run after her.


We love the park because the surroundings is so tranquil. We strolled around the park with Yvette inside the stroller making us feel like we have couple time together (just two of us.)


There are playgrounds, swing, a restaurant which doesn’t show a sign that they are still open for business and we spotted the Harmony Tower 2000.




After walking one big round around the pond in the park, and we did find an open space that is just beside the park, but no one was there – flying kite.


But we spotted right up on the tree. Anyway, the weather is too hot to fly a kite. No wind at all.


We also spotted a tree that are so old. And D keep telling me N Park should do something about it.


After staying there for an hour and we decided to move on as Yvette was still sleeping. We checked out the map to decide where to go. We look at the map and decided where to go.


Knowing Punggol Jetty should be around the corner, but it was no where to be found on the map. So we started to ask around and two friendly folks told us how to get there.

We headed back to the bus-stop and D went to get drinks for us again before we embarked our journey there. While waiting, Yvette woke up. Looking into our watch (as it’s still early to catch the sunset), We decided to check with Yvette whether she will like to visit the park.

She agreed and she had heaps of fun there!


She loves monkey swing now.



We have plenty of fun there too. D revived his childhood on the swing.


Water is something we cannot miss. We headed back to the pond. Many were trying their luck to catch some fishes from the pond but we saw a young man managed to fish out a bucket of prawns. (We were talking to the man while he prawning and within less than 15 mins, he caught 5 such prawns.)




Yvette was really interested in this creature and she kept placing herself nearer and nearer to the pond till the young man was worried for us too. I have to get hold of her to avoid her falling into it.

We finally left the park around 5 pm which I think it will be just nice to catch the sunset. We headed back to the same bus-stop we alighted, we took Bus 82 which took us about 20 mins. (And YES, it is almost impossible to walk from Punggol Park to Punggol Jetty although the ride was short but in term of distance… woot that really is far far away.)


I have read so much about Punggol (Jetty) because my brother and my parents might be moving there. (Unfortunately, We didn’t manage to get the flat after the first round of BTO selection.)  This jetty will be incorporated into the new Punggol Waterway. The First phase in creating Punggol Waterway will be completed 1st Q of 2011. We will definitely come again.


The bus ride took us all the way in.


We walked past police post and we were welcomed by deep blue sea. The wind whisper thru our ear making the weather cooler. It was 5.20 pm in the evening. We were also welcomed by the beautiful sun glistening in the sky which was going to set.



There are families having fun on the beach and families trying their luck to fish.


As for Yvette, she was enjoying  the panoramic view of the sea. She kept pointing to every single object that she could describe them in words.


And trying her best to trick us down to the bench. As this place is still lack of development, there will be no where I can clean my little princess knowing the fact that she will definitely soak herself into the sea.


She was trying to climb down. I am serious!

We declined.

Slowly, as the sun went down. The sea is no longer blue. We were bathed with its orange glow and felt the warmth enveloping.



Watching the sun came down slowly with my family, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm, reprieve and a conclusion to the day. It looked so magical, that I was absolutely mesmerized by it. This made our trip worth-coming. I decided to took some (self-portrait) pictures of us for keepsake which rarely do it.


This place is indeed a nice place for photography.


8 thoughts on “Our Adventure in Punggol

  1. Hi just to share that the big field besides the sengkang swimming pool area is very very popular for flying kites, more than punggol park. You might want to visit there. There’s easily 30 families flying kites there every weekend. 🙂 and there’s mac, 7 eleven etc if you need a drink. cheers!

    • Thanks Mummyregina.

      I been wanting to go to the pool at Sengkang cos it is one of the special public pool in Singapore (Wild Wild wet is not exactly a public swimming pool.) Now you give me one more reason to go there.

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