Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 18

It doesn’t rain but pour!

Bad bad day today.

2 incidents happened in the morning pissed me off.

Then it was raining heavily when I travelled to school with Yvette. I was  drenched.  (Yvette was in the carrier and I was using an umbrella but the rain was really very heavy.)

Although Yvette was not as bad as me, I have to change her to avoid her catching cold. But her hair was half wet. Luckily the mummies and the teachers there were soooooo helpful. They lent me a bottom and help me to dry Yvette while I get myself changed.

Class was rather small. 5 tots.

Learning Colour Blue was today lesson topic. And Teacher Lee demonstrated how to blow a balloon. This made the tots laughed. She is really very into her teaching. (她很卖力的教!)

JGC T3 Wk 9 Fri1

After blowing the balloon, she let the tots played with the balloon using the passing game. Once the music stop, the balloon will be landed in one tot’s hand and they were supposed to tell the teacher the colour of the balloon. Thumb up for the teachers’ creativeness in helping the tot to remember the colour.


And during the Art demo, they are using the balloon (filled with water) for to coat with paint and stamp on the paper. The teacher use different size of balloons to teach the tots big and small.

Yvette was in good mood when doing her art but the something was terribly wrong after her artwork.

JGC T3 Wk 9 Fri

She threw tantrum for the first time during the Mandarin lesson. Both Teachers were shock. Even all the mothers there were surprise. They regarded her as a happy child and who loves school. I can’t walk away or ignore in school just like I did at home. It really took me awhile to pacify her!

The Drama was about the sister Panda was still willing to help her younger sister even though the younger sister didn’t share. Although it is about teaching the colour Blue; it is about sibling love.

The tots were supposed to wash their hand after the Drama before snack. But Yvette decided to drive me up to the wall. Choosing to throw another round tantrum in school was really a good move as I can’t really scream at her in front of so many people. Moreover, I have friends in next class and it certainly not going to be good if I do scold her in loud voice.


No snack for her then because she didn’t want to eat them. I finished them all. 😦

Her mood was much better but I was totally dumbfounded and I didn’t take much good photos after that.

I did realise she was extremely easy to feed as I brought along her lunch because I was heading facial after the class. Perhaps the rain had affected her mood or perhaps she was too hungry and triggered off her bad cells. (She didn’t eat much breakfast before we left for class.)


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