Two Play Dates In The North

This was arranged like a week ago.


She didn't want to sit with me. She prefer sitting with two other tots at our opposite.

Here we were taking ride to the North to meet JJ Family!

She never like soft toy but suddenly when she turned 26 mths (last month), she started to fall in love with her Elephant and Dinosaur.


She insisted I have to bring her Elephant.

As blogged by JJ Mummy, they did not have more time to play together. Javier was unusual cranky and JJ Mummy found out he was down with fever. I decided to call it off after Jayden came back home so that this little boy could rest.


After we left, the sky turned dark. I decided to visit the park which is just a stone away their house.


She was over-joy. She ran towards the playground.


She loves hippo. She was definitely excited to meet them.


I like this slide. Yvette could climb her way But she didn’t slid down. She complained it’s hot.

JJ mummy

Yeah it’s blistering hot. The dark cloud floated away and what we had was a clear blue sky.


There is another slide that is just one or two meters away. She likes this one more. She slid down because this slide is cooler. (due to the direction of the sun.)

JJ mummy1

She had so much fun with the slides and the sand. But it’s really scotching hot and I have to beg her to leave. After spending good 20 mins there, we took a cab to visit Lucas’ mummy.


Upon reaching their house, I asked her for permission to bathe Yvette as Yvette was so smelly after the outdoor play. (And due to her skin condition.) But after the bath, perhaps she was now clean and getting more comfortable, she started to throw tantrum. And soon she dozed off.


Haha.. bad date for Lucas, I guess. Lucas was typically shy and think was more or less affected by Yvette’s tantrum. Since Yvette was already sleeping, I have a good time catching up with Lucas’ mummy as we have not met and chatted for long. I even have some time to show Lucas video I recorded in JGC.

Thanks Lucas’ mummy for allowing me to bathe Yvette.


2 thoughts on “Two Play Dates In The North

  1. hi,
    Thanks for your gift..

    ya, Lucas is very shy. When you were in the toilet, he went to Yvette, and and pointing to me saying that, mei mei is sleeping, “mei you qi lai”, and wana to disturb her. haha

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