Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 17

Another 3 more lessons to go, we really have to say bye bye to JGC for a period of time. I haven’t received any call from JGC about her slot for for Speech and Drama. Even I do have a slot now, I might not want to enrol her too. Let me see how she could cope with her new life.

This week is the Blue Blue week and they (and even us) are supposed to be dressed in blue. There she goes in this blue dress.


She was singing "Hop little bunny, hop hop hop." and she was trying to hop!

In the bus-stop, she always like to look at this cat and always get very near to it. I am always afraid her-never-ending-love-affair with the cat will get her into danger because she always get too near to it. (I always have to pull her away from the cat.)


(Her expression is funny in these two photographs.)

Despite taking bus to school today, we were still early for Free Play.


This was the first time she moved forward to search for her Teacher before Magic Box and Self-Introduction. Sign of growing up.


The second craft came in time. She been telling me the “The Sky is blue” for the past few weeks and this is the right time with the right material telling her “蓝色的天空“.



Although I miss what they used to go thru the word card with the tots. They adopted new teaching method of revising. They will sing song and run thru the card with the tots. They also reinforce the new word learnt during the Magic Box Time by bring the word card to the tots making the tots to read  the word after them.

I like these teachers taking parents’ suggestion seriously. After all, it really didn’t take up a lot of classroom time. And moreover the tots learn.


No drama today but all the tots could sit down quietly to listen to the story.


I like school stressing on queuing and keeping things in sequence. In JGC, the (most) teachers will ensure the tots queue up to get their food. In long run, it will definitely benefits the tots.



She loves to read book introducing colour since she knows them all. She also loves to share with me things she knows.


Yvette @ Outdoor Play. Yes, she doesn’t need me anymore.



Since we are back when she was 26mths, I got many positive feedback  from all her teachers that she are using Mandarin to communicate with them without any single word of English. This is very encouraging.

In fact, I also encounter many times, she forming sentences in Mandarin. (I think she knows all these words long ago.) She will goes “我要吃面包” “我要玩玩具”  “爸爸去上班”… I am glad I have manage to provide her a platform for her to fully stretch her ability in her language and am happy that she is now consider Bilingual.  We are now speaking more mandarin at home and she have mastered more words from 我会读。(Good thing is, I also find out she actually can recognise many English word. This is something I never stress her to learn.)

I have been diligently taking video recently because Yvette really likes the songs they sing in class. We have been with JGC so long and never know that they do sell the song in CD. I got all these 3 CD from JGC. They are not cheap but worth getting. However, after listening to 3 CD, I think Disc 3 is the most worth getting. It’s sang by Teacher Lee.


Music and Movement is no fun because there was small accident involved. Yvette bumped her head on the fall because she took for granted that I was just sitting behind her. One good things about Yvette, she got very high threshold for pain. She usually never or rarely cry when she hurt herself.


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