My YOG Experience with Yvette

I am very sure almost everyone in Singapore knows about Isabelle Li. She is born and bred in Singapore who won away the second silver for our nation. And today I am in the Singapore Indoor Stadium with Yvette watching her playing opening match in the Mixed Team 1st stage Group Event.

They won eventually although Isabelle lost 3—2 to Noskova in the Girls singles. She was very good during the first 3 matches but then I guess too much pressure from herself which eventually lead her to losing? In fact she was so good that she never keep her score very far away from opponent. The final score for the last match was 11-9.


I don’t really know much about Table Tennis but from the way she play, I see she doesn’t attack much, she is pretty cool in keep her opponent away from getting the winning point or “waiting” patiently for them to make mistake. And once she get her chance, she will attack. With that, I hope she will be able stand out conspicuously and bring Singapore to a greater height in Table Tennis.


Ok, limelight back to Yvette.

I am very impress Yvette could sit thru 5 matches (almost 2 hours) with me in the Indoor Stadium with no meltdown at all today.

I got free tickets from niece’s boyfriend as I wanted to expose Yvette to a live sporting event. I thought I will not be able to make it as the match is a bit early for Yvette. (Yvette still wake up around 9 am to 10 am in the morning.) But then surprising she was early today and so I decided to go ahead as planned.


But with so many tasks need to be completed in the morning, eg, making breakfast for both of us, bathing Yvette, cooking lunch for FIL and Yvette.  Luckily the Indoor Stadium is not too far away from my house and the damage is only S$6.20. Despite taking a cab, We were still late but certainly not late for the Mixed Team Group Event

As it was free sitting, I managed to get a seat in the centre near to the table tennis table. (5 rows away.) Half of the stadium was filled up.

The students were extremely nice to Yvette because (I think) Yvette was the youngest spectators in the stadium. They helped me in getting her into her seat and helped me to hold on to her if I ran out of hands.


The boys gave her the cheering balloon

While waiting for the next match, the commentator warmed up the stadium by making the spectators do the YMCA signs with them.


I also captured a picture that was meaningful to me. It was the time when Yvette was born.


The atmosphere was extremely noisy but Yvette took it very well. Perhaps we have explored her to many such environment so that she could take the noise as a pinch of salt.

Even though there was no meltdown at all from Yvette, she just couldn’t sit still on the seat. From time to time, she will move herself to the stairs but she will be just beside me. (So nice that she didn’t run around.)


I managed to catch all the 5 matches played by Isabelle Li and decided to leave even though Yvette didn’t give me the sign that she wanted to leave. (She had never propmted me to leave during the match at all.) It’s enough, she been good and I think it’s time us to go home so that she can take her nap in the afternoon.

We took a train home instead of taxi as the Stadium MRT Station is just beside the Indoor Stadium. I even have a smooth ride back home too.



We sure want to expose Yvette to as many interests, experiences and cultural offerings we can within our budget and capabilities. Tots are never too young to learn anything.

At the end of the day, Yvette certainly didn’t picking any thing related to table tennis but she has learnt a new word, Singapore (Strangely, I’ve never taught her this word before. She is able to pick up because she cheered together with the crowd.) and able to identify Singapore flag as we walked passed 5 flags outside the stadium.



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