Learning Chinese Using iPod Touch/(iPhone)

It’s easy for get any application in App store (Apple store) to learn English but there are rare and not many for learning Chinese.

The first-two applications we had were free app from Spark4 Studio in App Store.



These two free apps teach poetry & Rhyme (total 4 poetries & 3 rhymes) and so far Yvette could master part of 春雨. She doesn’t show much interest in these two application honestly.

Then I moved on to search for Flashcard (paid version) and I found these two that are quite useful. These two application cover a wide range of word and they are – Shapes, number colour, animal, vehicle, daily necessities, body parts, food.

IMG_6150 IMG_6151

IMG_6152 IMG_6153

I like these two applications a lot and do go thru with Yvette from time to time. Both application came in both in English and Chinese. The best part for the second application is, it does come with Cantonese and Traditional Chinese. Sometimes Yvette will anyhow click into the  Cantonese Version. She will read aloud with the application. We find the way she pronounces word in Cantonese is quite accurate.

Since Yvette is really into animals, I brought this for US$0.99 and this app covers more animals. Again it is both in English and Chinese.


I also manage to find stories in Chinese. The purpose is to let Yvette listen and learn the word at the same time.

These two applications I got it free in App store which I find interesting.



As you can see from the picture, they came in a form of multi-language.

However the above stories aid in listening skill rather than learning word and moreover we are learning simplified Chinese in our local context. The text of 井底之蛙 is in traditional Chinese, thus, I did not really stress on Yvette reading the word when I listen this story with her.

So I went on search again. (Actually I click on app store for more than once per day.)

And I found this.


This is a application come with big word. This application has 3 part – Learn, story and Play. It is very easy to pick up word from there. So far, Yvette has manage to learn all the words in this application. The full version is US$1.99. There are 3 different stories in App Store now.

The last application I have in our iPod is – 小熊采果子——寓教于 乐的互动有声早教软件


This is a  interactive education app series with many Q&A testing the child listening and understanding.

Although there isn’t much choice in App Store for Chinese learning application, I am happy to find all these that is more or less helping Yvette in expanding her vocabulary. (As we are not using any TV, YouTube and mainly rely on books and iPod for learning.)

This post is not an endorsement. I just want to share with you out there.

P/S: Sorry Sonya for the delay. I been wanting to write but it seems I always put this last.


4 thoughts on “Learning Chinese Using iPod Touch/(iPhone)

  1. Oh, that “pai qiu” is from a series of books that is probably good for introducing an older child who can’t read to Chinese. I had a set of the level 1. Sold them away bc they were super-boring for JR.

  2. Hey babe,

    No probz at all, thanks for sharing.

    I also have the 1st 2 appns you recommend and bb wasnt very interested.
    I will try the other recommendations here. Thanks q ~

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