See Tortoise @ Toa Payoh Town Park

We miss nature walk seriously. We’ve been wanting to bring Yvette to the park or reservoir but the weather keeps stopping us. (As we don’t drive, each journey to the nature will normally takes up half to an hour to travel by public transport. If it rains, it will waste our effort to travel there.) As Yvette was really into it, I suggest to go Chinese Garden but when we were about to leave home, the sky turned dark again. Thinking of keeping our promise, we headed to Toa Payoh Town Park that are opposite to the interchange instead.

So off we went together with her 3-wheels.


We took the route and passed by TPY stadium (outdoor and indoor) as well as TYP swimming complex and thinking of trying our luck to buy ticket for the match. Unfortunately all tickets were all sold out. Nevertheless, we took some pictures with once-in-a-lifetime YOG signboard for remembrance.



It’s good to be in this park where we can have our eye set on the green scenery. Enjoy the walk under the not-so-warm sun. And Yvette get to see her tortoise.



Although there are some parts of the park we need to be a little caution and keep our eye on Yvette but general a park is usually safe and with decent  space for the tots to run around.



The above are the two areas we need to pay attention as Yvette moved around the park freely.


We also ensure she needs to drink water during the walk. It’s very important.


At the heart of the garden is a 0.8 ha carp pond which contains a (man-made) waterfall and a cluster of islands linked by bridges.Yvette was quite excited to see this.


We also found this. Are these eggs of dragonfly? I asked Yvette is this cocoon. She said no. I went on asking her the colour of cocoon, she did not give me the right answer. Oh well, further reinforcement of her reading on The Very Hungry Caterpillar is needed. 🙂


Before we left, we brought her nearer to the pond at the other side of the park so that she can have a better view and could see more tortoise.



We stay around 45 mins i  this park and decided to head NTUC. On our way out, I took a picture of this newly built building in TPY.


And our naughty Yvette saw the trolley and insisted D to put her in.


We brought some oranges, and drinks for ourselves.  While D checking out for our purchases, I brought Yvette to playground before we headed home for her nap.




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