I Got Her Cut At Home

Not me, I am not the one who cut Yvette’s hair this round. It was the stylist who we been using for home service. My sister did her rebonding at home and Grace was here.


It was not the first time Yvette met Grace and she was getting much comfortable with her around too.

We kept asking her whether she wants to have hair cut but she was indecisive. Finally before Grace was going to leave, we prompted her again and finally she decided. She said Ok and then Grace asked her to bring her chair over to the balcony there the cutting of her again. (She is due for a proper hair cut. The last cut was more than 4 months ago.)

She took her chair and sat onto it in the balcony. She remained still most of the time and was fully aware what was happening. Of course I sat with her and talked to her. From time to time, I also need to hold onto her and playing iPod with with her.





Grace didn’t cut it very short for Yvette and she did not use a razor too. And here’s the end result.


Grace charged me S$8 for the cut (which I find it is ok. My SIL find it expensive.) and I am thinking we shall let Grace cut Yvette hair in the future.


Here are some of our Parenting Experience on getting a child into mood (over coming their fear) for cut:

  1. Whenever we passes by hair salon, we will pause (most of the time) standing out there and telling Yvette the people in there are cutting their hair.
  2. We brought Yvette along to salon when D needs to cut his hair. This has further letting Yvette understand of the “meaning” of cutting hair. (Sit still when hair need to be cut – I will explain to her the procedures from time to time in the salon.)
  3. I am lucky to have a stylist who come to our house to do my hair for me and Yvette gets familiar with her. (So Grace is not a stranger to her although she only see her like 4-6 months interval. Tots has superb memory. Mind you!)

Hope our experience helps.


4 thoughts on “I Got Her Cut At Home

    • Yeah, I find worthwhile to let her cut. Moreover Yvette is a girl, no matter what, the cost of cutting her hair in a year will definitely cheaper than a boy.

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