Yvette’s First Conversation with Stranger

Usually when stranger try to talk to Yvette, I will be assisting her. I am helping her not because she doesn’t understand but she is too shy to talk to them. (I am sure it is not surprising that our tots are wary of stranger right.)

We been teaching some basic conversation since she started to talk (as in proper sentences) when she turned 20 months.

D has been very active in teaching her:

What is your name?

How are you?

How old are you?

I teach the above in Mandarin.

Today, she surprised me. She actually started a conversation with a stranger out of her own accord.

*In the lift (we are heading JGC) and an old lady walked in*

She goes: Hello

Stranger (An old Malay lady): Hello

*Yvette smiles*

Stranger: What is your name?

Yvette: Yvette

Stranger: How old are you?

Yvette: I am 2 years old.

Stranger:  Where are you going?

Yvette: Go to School

We have never taught her “Go to School.” (Though I refer JGC as school.) The old lady was impressed and she even praised Yvette for her ability to communicate. (She did check with me how old is Yvette now.)

I am sure D will be very proud of this when I tell him tonight.


5 thoughts on “Yvette’s First Conversation with Stranger

    • Yeah, I am proud of her.

      Thanks for your article.

      Actually Yvette is more extrovert in fact she is a child with high self-esteem. She just pretend to be shy. (And she behaves very differently when she is in class and at home.) She does get warm up easily with stranger from time to time..

  1. Well done Yvette, clever girl! Every time someone asks Ally ” How are you?” she’ll say, I’m 3! We’ve explained to her so many time but she still keeps thinking they are asking ” How old are you?”

    • Haha.. Yvette will say this to her papa too.

      Everyday when D comes back, he will sure ask her “how are you?”.

      She also answer “I am 2 years old.” Luckily that old lady never ask her how are you but she did ask her how old are you.

      P/S:Ally is a brave girl.

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