Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 16

This is Yvette @ TPY interchange. She insisted I took a picture for her with Courtesy Lion.


Taking train right usually is faster and Yvette will get to enjoy the Free Play.


Yvette found the Magic Box again after the Self-introduction with Teacher Lee.


Remember I am keeping all her crafts. I doubt I can keep these two of them. Perhaps part of them can be pasted onto the workbook I have. Let me see.



Her snack and she couldn’t finish. Not that she had a heavy breakfast, she just couldn’t finish them. One thing I like about JGC is, they never disallow us to have more serving of snack. Of course some of you might feel that their school fee is expensive. But I do read from some sites, some premium school control their food. Let me hope that Yvette’s cc aka preschool does give a decent amount of food


This week, they having Water Playing during the Outdoor Play. Rarely see all the tots will crowd around the water-tub.


Yvette was the one to reach this tub first (She was the first tot to dash into the playground.) and last one to leave. She was whining and throw tantrum as I was pulling her out. Sigh, this girl really loves to play water too much.


Our lesson didn’t end well as Yvette was crying!!!


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