Term 4 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 4 (Make Up)

Yeee, instead of having lesson in JGC, we have a make-up lesson with Marsden. I am happy to have Yvette back for make up with Pam. She is always my preferred instructor.

Today Pam did something special with the tots. Instead of placing the floating mat near the pool, she made all of us (mummies) hold on to it and let the tots walked on to the mat and then jumped down into the pool. Yvette loves this so much and was disappointed she could only go once.


I went popular to get paint for Yvette after our Swim Class but instead of getting her the paint, I got these two for her.



When I checked out my purchase, I check with the cashier will there be any sales coming. The cashier told me No. But then in the afternoon I gotten an sms from Popular it spelled:

20% Off Storewide at all Popular Bookstores for all Popular Cardholders only from 21-22 Aug Only.

Ar… I could have another 3-4 bucks saving if I know this is coming.


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