Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 15

As I am counting down in JGC, I am getting more and more nervous to the fact that Yvette is going school by her own soon. This week is supposed to be Daddy’s week but then I didn’t see many Daddies today. Even D is not attending class in this week too.

Yvette is very lazy this morning. She didn’t want to get up and go school and it took me awhile to wake her up.

Finally she was up but she wasn’t very co-operative. Didn’t mange to take down a decent picture of her before we left home. But luckily the ride to JGC was smooth and found out Border is having sales.

After settling down, Yvette and her classmate s were so busy with their Fun passes.


After self-introduction, I was surprised she went forward to get the magic box when the teacher asked for it.


Today, they learned about 帆船 and they did two crafts.



Here the short clip of today Drama.

Since she didn’t eat much this morning, she ate 8 sausages today.


One thing I am very happy with her, she always try to help in class.


I caught her peeping into other class during the Free Play.


Bubble again during Music and Movement made the tots very happy. I miss the bubble time when Yvette was in PlayNest.


P/S: I like this picture of Yvette I took during the class.


4 thoughts on “Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 15

  1. So fun! I attended Tues’ Mandarin Playclub with my boy. I think we have the same two main teachers. My boy was the only boy in the entire class of 7 girls! Don’t think he minds though. Haha!

    The craft work was the same but the drama was slightly different and we didn’t have bubbles. Yvette’s craft is so nice considering that she does it all by herself, right?

    • Yeah… boys are rare in the class which I don’t know. Glad to hear you have fun with your boy.

      Yes, usually I will let her do all the necessary and let her try on new “skill” in doing her art but you know, tots have their day (throw tantrum). Sometimes Yvette will never want to touch the paint work and I have to hold her hand to do it with her. In the WORST scenario, I have to do it for her.

      P/S: This is not a complete Drama. But I think it is good to be different.

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