Me Being At Home for the 2nd Year

Blink! Blink! Another Year gone by. I am poorer and officially I stay at home to cook, to clean, to educate, to look after Yvette for another year and now looking after my FIL.

It’s no fun to stay at home. Plenty of housework to do and plenty of tantrum. Of course I believe no fun to work too. Nothing is fun… life is never easy…It’s never been a bed of roses!

Stay positive! (Stella and Lazymummy always say this to me.)

During the past one year, I did look for job. I applied for a System Accountant job which I used to do. Less of a day in and day out  routine  but I didn’t get the job I applied for. (If I would to apply for Accountant job, it will be definitely easier.) But well, Accountant has extremely long working hours. It is not like (most) other professional where you can go home and do your work. We have to stay in the office during budgetting, system implementation, and some important assignments. And staying in office is not like up to 9 pm. My longest record on staying in office was 24 hours and that last me for a few days. (Back home, wash clean, eat, sleep, then back to office for another 24 hours.) (I can tahan at the prime of your life.. I doubt I can do it now seriously.)

I read 2 inspiring posts (Here & here) on her decision for staying at home a few weeks back and could totally agree with her. In one of the post, she quoted:

I don’t believe that if you are a working mum, your kids will be at a disadvantage or turn out to be delinquents! Likewise, if you’re a SAHM, it doesn’t guarantee that your kids will become better adults.

Yvette is going to attend school on her own in less than a month, and soon I will have some time of my own. Not that I am going to devote my time to career now and nope, career is the last thing on my mind. I am thinking should I doing part-time in any field to earn a little extra and not earning for a living and craving for career. Yvette is still my top priority, and she will always be.

Besides being staying at home for 2 years, Breastfeeding is another task that I take on after being a mum.

Physical bonding all began from the first feeding. The moment she latched on I felt this huge rush of emotions going through my body. This is why breastfeeding is so important, it establishes bonding between mother and child. According to a few of my friends, the longer a child is breastfed, the closer they are to their mother in the long run.

I did trying to wean her, but I really fail badly. After chatting with Sam and get confirmation from gynae, I think I should wait patiently for her to wean off by herself. Actually there are some good signs coming from her. Sometimes when I ask her whether she wants it, but she say no. And she doesn’t need to be latched on at night before she sleeps. SO now, I don’t know when weaning is going to happen but I know breast milk is good for her health and also for our relationship. Till this day I still feel the rush of emotions when I’m nursing her. It is truly a beautiful moment.

And I am lucky, my menses came back after 6 months of breastfeeding which mean, I can easily try for baby anytime. However, taking care of Yvette really take up a lot of our energy and I think we really didn’t try hard enough.

Will I need to wait for another 5 years for another baby?

God, please don’t let this happen!


21 thoughts on “Me Being At Home for the 2nd Year

    • Yeah, there always mummies around me telling me our children are only young once, once it over it is over.

      And yes, I am enjoying my motherhood as SAHM while our financial are still in pink. Although I would have to admit I am more or less adapt to it (being poor), I am happy I can be with Yvette all the time!

  1. Although i choose to go back to work, but i never regret staying at home to take care of my boi during his first year..:) And i always feel that SAHM is most Wei Da! Jia you!!

  2. 2 years! congrats, its been quite the journey isn’t it?

    And why is everyone trying to have a baby when I’m trying hard NOT to have a baby (for the next 2 years, at least)? I wish I had your problem. =)

    • Yes a long journey that I will not regret.

      Daphne, you know why everyone is trying when you are trying hard not to have baby. It’s because you have jump the queue to have baby in a row. I don’t mind to pass my problem to you if I can but I bet you won’t want it if really can be pass on.

      Do you know I am at my prime age (when I was 25-26) when I try for baby and it took me for 5 years? It’s very bitter journey and was finally over.

    • Yeah.. but for girls, I think they will still want to stay with their mummies when they are older as long as we stay hip and relevant!

      Just like you and your mum!!!

    • Your experiences tell you girls closer to Daddy. Hmmm but I am closer to my mum.

      Haha.. ya.. can’t turn back but then but different “type” of regret. And to me they are 后悔, 遗憾。


  3. gal, be glad that you have an option to be SAHM… and enjoy it.. Enjoy the time you can spend with them everyday, every single minute… 🙂

    But come to tink of it, SAHM without doing housework and cooking.. Just looking after our kids will be preferred hor…haha

    Im still trying if i can keep my promise to my ger, to be SAHM when she reaches P1…

    • Oh well.

      Stella don’t stress over if you can’t meet your promise. This kind of promise is really hard to keep (sadly).

      If really can’t by P1, then try very best by P3 or Sec 1 or least by Sec 3 (The most rebellious age at our time). But don’t tell her.

      Good luck in achieving your promise!

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