Term 4 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 6

Again we are half way through the term and I receive no news from the school that I could transfer Yvette to weekend class. Thinking I should continue to wait or start to look out for another new school. The good news now is, Yvette is older and much easy to find swimming lesson for her.

I found this. Very keen to change but I really like Marsden. I will check out for trial first.

I thought we will have a small class today because her classmate in JGC signed up additional lesson with JGC on Monday. But I am wrong, I saw many tots!!!

Although I recorded Yvette doesn’t know how to jump yet but she has no problem jumping into the pool. Most likely she is fearless with water now and she get so comfortable with it. She doesn’t cry when she see unfamiliar instructor and more willing to go under water. She is getting more and more confidence with water and she show interest in wanting to swim. This is a good news for me. And this is the reason why I don’t want to stop her swimming lesson.


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