Celebrating FIL’s 84th Birthday

Unlike in the past year where we were usually out for meal, this year we really have a very simple celebration. I didn’t even need to cook at all.

D brought a cake and 寿桃 and gathered all his siblings, there we were, doing a simple celebration at home.


Guess what my little girl was doing?

She was covering her eye because her Achilles’ heel, my BIL was in the house. (She is still very scare when she sees him every time.) The best part was, she still want me to feed her the birthday cake! So she ate without removing her hand from her eye!



3 thoughts on “Celebrating FIL’s 84th Birthday

  1. keke.. she is so cute!!! Javier is also scare of his 舅舅,everytime when he sees him, he will purposely look eslewhere and just pretend he is not there. 🙂

    • -.-!

      We always don’t understand why. At least your Javier pretend not to see but Yvette prefer not to be in the same room. So that is impossible to eat out with my BIL’s family!

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