Rekindle Her Love with Paint Again

I never worry about getting paint off my floor or my furniture except wall because usually the paints we have at home are washable. However Yvette lose the interest in paint after she turned 18 mths and since then she became very conscious and never want to touch them anymore.

I tried to help her overcome her fear by doing art work with her at home but I never success doing it. Soon, I never like to do art work with her because ALL the time I am the one that prepare, did the work, and eventually clean up the mess.


She used to soak herself into paint when she was just 15 mths. She rekindle her love with paint again when she was doing the art work in JGC. Although she worried that the paint will dirty her hand, but she still complete her art work.

This morning, the moment she woke up, she walked to my sister room and pointed the paint to me. I told her we need to go market and will give her the paint after we return from market.

Immediately when we were back, she reminded me about my promise and I finally agree to let her have the paint.

She was happy to receive the paint from me and started to do stamping using the sponge we have.


Since she learned Triangle this week. I cut a potato into 4 shapes for her.


Here’s her masterpiece.


She was so into it and didn’t mind my sister stamped it on her hand.


Luckily I don’t have so much paint for her. She was totally “immersed”.


She did another masterpiece purely using her hand.


Here’s the mess we created and I happily cleared them away. I hope her interest with paint reminds because doing paint work will aid her creative!


6 thoughts on “Rekindle Her Love with Paint Again

    • These are not washable paint but they are non-toxic.

      Anyway, both washable and non-washable get on their skin easily. The advantage of using washable paint, the paint is able to wash off easily from our clothing. In JGC, they use washable paint usually I have no problem with it.

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