Yvette: 2 yrs 3 mths (27 mths)

P/S: Decided to use the picture taken on 14th Aug instead of 13th Aug because I simply heart this pic. And coincidentally the top is exactly the same for 26 mths milestone update. Guess she really like this top a lot and she is going to outgrown this top very soon!


She loves to pose when taking picture now!

Kids say the darn thing as they grow. Interestingly, funny and sometime rude to our ears!

Yvette said something really funny which I tweeted and FB-ed.

I was shocked when Yvette tell me N for Neh Neh cos I never teach her before.

This is the most interesting of her speech development for the past month! And she is really a chatterbox. She will start to talk when the moment she is up and never stop talking till she finally doze off! Sound like me!

She also started to form short sentences in Mandarin.

Here are the mini achievements for this month in learning:

  • She could read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Carrot Soup by her own with min. help from me. (A mixture of memorising and recognising some words.) She could answer my question when I questioned her about the books she read. She started to remember the story line, the dialogue and anticipate what is going to happen next as we read.
  • She could recognise more Chinese characters.
  • She moves on doing 5-6 piece puzzle now. (Realised we actually don’t have 4 piece puzzle at home.)
  • She could recite from 1-40 in English. (And could recognise them.) For Chinese remain at 20. We are using this board to count. I got it from Growing Fun for only S$1.50.


  • She loves telling me A for Apple, B for Ball, C for cat, D for Dog, etc. She can even tell me for those words she know but she hardly come across like S for Stickers, saxophone…
  • She started to spell some words too. Eg, cat, fox, box, dog… She is very into it now.
  • I recorded some developments in this post too.

I would say she is very smart in getting herself out of naughty corner. Immediately she was put there, she will say “sorry mama” and “hear me”. (Usually when I reprimanded her, I will ask her, “You hear me”. She will usually say: “ Hear me”)

On self care & practical life skill; she like and she is doing now – wearing sock, shoes and sandal. (She still need help on wearing sock and sometimes correcting her on the right side of shoes to wear.)

She mastered using tong (tong is left with her in her kitchen and she will use it every now and then) now and she could use scissor to cut paper too.


But she still don’t how to jump where most of her peers are jumping very well now. We never guide her nor have we taught her how. We feel there is no hurry to master this skill as she will eventually learn how. (I really scare after she learns how to jump, she will start to jump from every where.)

Remember she got strong arm? Monkey swing is what she likes to do now. She could hold on for around 10 seconds.


More interesting quirks and behaviours changes are:

  • Pretend play is on her card too. She like to put fruits into a plastic bag and pretend to do shopping at home.
  • She likes to play Snake and ladder but she never follows rules. Her maths doesn’t add up and we always stay put at 1 to 6. It’s frustrating playing this game with her.


  • She loves to trace now. I can’t remember when she started it but she will trace all these lines and circle in the MRT station while waiting for train.


She did well for potty training last month and only wet our bed once. For a child who is still sucking for comfort at night, I think she did  really well in this field. Alas I still miss poop.

The last molar doesn’t seem want to come out!!! She drools a lot and often seeing her biting herself too.

She lost weight. Currently she is 11.1kg and no change in height. Although she lost weight, that doesn’t mean she’s not eating well. She could finish 3 to 3.5 tablespoon of rice every dinner with decent amount of dishes in her bowl. And I am glad she loves vegetable. She eats stuff like onion, garlic and bell pepper.



13 thoughts on “Yvette: 2 yrs 3 mths (27 mths)

  1. WOW. For a 2 yr old, she sure is smart! You really documented and categories her competencies well, good job. Are you an Early Childhood Educator too?

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